Residencia, import. Taxes and shipping

I am getting my residency soon and we'll be building a house near Sosua. I hear different things some people tell me that the first shipment is tax free and my next question is what is the best way to ship a lot of household items but not furniture. I'm talking about things like probably a half a dozen fairly new television electric bicycles ATVs  expensive pots pans, high end appliances, and is it worth it????

Our household shipment was free of tax since we obtained our residency, or cedula, before we shipped in 2020. If you have higher end appliances it may be worth it to ship them. We shipped our household and vehicle via 40 foot container. You can get a 20 foot container and it is not terribly expensive. Aduanas does limit the number of televisions you import. And be careful of the ATV's. There may be a limit on those as well (i.e. they may tax them). Above all I would recommend getting a good shipping agent in the DR. We used the best and I can provide her name and company if you message me.

Rocky gave you good advice.  There are limits and restrictions and you need to know them in advance

We are a couple - a Brit and a New Yorker moving to las Terrenas from NYC this Fall -

I have a few questions ALL related to shipping and would love some guidance-   

1) we qualify for free tax shipping. Mostly clothes and books and a few electronics .  Was told by a shipping co in NYC that it was going to cost us more on fees that is worth it because our cargo is “light”.  Meaning just do the shipping straightforward without the tax free paperwork needed—-Does  anyone have knowledge of this? 

2) I went online to look for first time shipping requirements for qualified residencia -  Form F-49 , communication addressed to dirección general de aduanas, declaración, etc-  is this all completed once in DR, partially in DR ? With the help of the shipping co? 

3)-  any recommendations on shipping from NYC OR vicinity areas (NJ can be included)

We appreciate any guidance-   

Carol and Marc

I use Awilda Shipping in Corona NY

For your own container (20' or 40') you need a freight forwarder

IN Sto Dom I use Hispaniola Freight... They handle the arrival/Aduana/etc

Thank you
For Hispaniola in DR, do I need to contact them before shipping?

Always contact in advance so they have all the paperwork ready.

Will do. Thank you.

They may be able to arrange the whole shipment for you

I used Benchmark in PA for my shipping and contacted Hispaniola for the arrival part.

Wendoline De Pena was my contact at Hispaniola

Thank you

2008/9.... a while ago

That  is like a lifetime ago.....

Yup--- but Hispaniola Freight is still there ---- a very good sign !!

ABSOLUTELY TRUE  that is always a good sign when the company is  still there after many years.

The rules and procedures have changed a great deal. But a good experience is always   worth  talking about,  and we hope that stays the same!

I think it's absolutely necessary to have someone at this end handle the incoming shipment
I couldn't have done it w/.o them- Hispaniola

I expect they can arrange the whole shipment from this end....
Good English speakers too

Depending on your volume of items,if you don't need a container I would ship door to door service,boxes or plastic drum/55 gallon.*doesn't go by weight.I believe $60-$80 a box and plastic drum APX $100-125 depending where in the country.I shipped a little bit of everything,food electronics, clothing,pots pans etc.I used Salcedo cargo express /718-293-7272.Most in my area are from the Bronx but in the NY area there are plenty, check the web or ask a Dominican neighbor.This way  is the easiest and all my Dom.neighbors ship this way.

Question. If I purchase a home before applying for  visa or residency how much taxes am I gonna pay or any other fees?

Thank you

Rich1162 wrote:

Question. If I purchase a home before applying for  visa or residency how much taxes am I gonna pay or any other fees?

Thank you

Are you asking about the fees associated with a real estate purchase? If so, you'll have attorney's fees, which can vary based on where you are and what the firm decides to charge.

There is a 3% tax/fee for registering the title in your name after purchase. Then you'll have an ongoing 1% property tax on the value exceeding about $125K, unless you are buying a property covered by CONFOTUR.

Residency status doesn't impact the cost of the real estate transaction. And having property doesn't change the process for gaining residency.

Taxes are 3.1% of value of the house if you don't have residence

Actually, if you get residence via retirement and fast track, your RE tax will be only 1% and not the 3.1% you are required to pay.

Thank you

if wife is dominican, what is the prop tax?

I think the 1% property tax is the same for everyone.

I just purchased a condo in Samana. They offer a $26,000 furniture package that includes everything. Is this the best way to furnish my condo? Or should I purchase furniture there or ship from NJ, USA?

Welcome Arggie to the forums.

No one can say what the best way is.  It all depends what that package includes, if you like it, if its a good  deal.........   

As to shipping from NJ it will cost way more.


       Negotiate , I just look at a bed room set on Saturday , nothing really special they wanted

$ 6k.  6 pieces …. You will save a lot of time not driving all over the DR looking but make sure it comfortable  , I find a lot of sofas here are like sitting on a park bench , …. Negotiate

@tippj - I agree!

One factor in your decision will be if the property will primarily be for rental or if you are going to live in it.

If you are going to live there, you will want to make sure the couches are comfortable, the mattresses are to your liking, and the functionality meets your needs - Do you need a dining set or is sitting at the counter more your style and you can put that space to better use? Do you have collectibles or hobbies that you need specific space for? Are you picky about your kitchenware?

If it's primarily for rental, you want stuff that is somewhat durable without being expensive - or go with the cheaper stuff at IKEA that you won't feel bad replacing fairly frequently. Over the three years we owned our condo that was almost exclusively a rental, we replaced 5 lamps, 2 ceiling fans, 2 bar stools, several blenders and coffee makers, countless dishes, glasses, and linens, one set of cushion covers and throw pillows, and the nightstands were definitely showing wear and tear!

@RockyM can you please provide me the name of the agency that I can call to have my household shipped to the DR. I will appreciate that very much. Can I get a 60 foot container? Or a 80 foot container and the other question is, does the company come to your house and pack up your plasma TV and refrigerator? If you could provide me with the phone number and the name of the company, I will give them a call. Thank you so much for your time. You can send me that information to [link under review] or you can't give me a call at 317-********

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My issue that I need a few things shipped from Houston, Texas. A large container even 20ft us way to big. Someone mentioned door to door shipping, but who in Texas, near does that? Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated.



sorry dude,

we came from houston in Jan lasylt year but we shipped boxes for a year with most of small appliances and personal stuff.

westchase area.


find a shipper/mudanza in MIA and ship to them for forwarding here.....

Make your arrangements with them in advance

find a shipper/mudanza in MIA and ship to them for forwarding here.....
Make your arrangements with them in advance

It is weird that it works this way in the DR, but it does.  And it works very well.  As an example, I've ordered a welding machine (90 pounds) online, and had it brought in through my regular courier (CPS), and another one through Pick N Send.  CPS was Maritime shipping, and Pick N Send was a "special rate" via air.  Both were about the same price as the welding machine itself.  On Willie Webs' advice, contacted a Mudanza in Miami, and the next one I purchased was less than 1/4 of the price, and delivered to my business.  No customs, no stress.  I regularly order things and have them sent to the Mudanza, and they will even pick up welding wire (200 pounds) from the manufacturer for me in Miami when I order it.  It was a very simple process, they communicated well, and the service to my business is pretty good, too. 

@UncleBuck Can you share the contact info for the mudanza in Miami that you are using? We need to order all the equipment for lightning rods and grounding. It's going to be heavy!

@ddmcghee Montero Shipping [email protected] WhatsApp 305-709-8586.  I've been dealing with Manuel via email and he's been excellent.

Good reputation = Montero

Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a Shipping Co from Houston, Tx to the Dominica Republic, can anyone make a Recommendation?  How do you find a Shipping Co?

@L Alan Williams

I just Googled Houston Texas shipping companies. Here's what came up. I don't have any recommendations

Elite Shipping, Inc.

1308 S Loop W, Houston, TX 77054

Map of elite shipping, inc.

Serves Houston

Closed ⋅ Opens 9 AM Mon

(346) 223-2166

Sifax Shipping Company, LLC.

10631 Harwin Dr. Suite 604, Houston, TX 77036

Map of sifax shipping

Open ⋅ Closes 5 PM

(346) 341-0400

Texas International Freight

11511 Katy Fwy #320, Houston, TX 77079

Map of texas international freight

Serves Dubai and nearby areas

Closed ⋅ Opens 8 AM Mon

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I handle all types of freight to the Dominican republic. I live in here in the DR and originally from Georgia. Please feel free to message me and I can give you the information that you need, point you in the right direction or handle it for you


Hi Rocky, I read your message and would like to follow the same steps for shipping a 3-room apartment furnishing tax-free.   We bought into a construction project for our apartment to get built in Punta Cana in 2021 should be completed by January 2024.   We're planning on staying long-term in the DR with occasional visits back to Texas.

What would be the first step in getting DR Residency for myself and spouse ? 

@LT American  Hi, I seen the post and wanted to reply I would like to ship a 3-room apartment furnishing tax-free if I can get the DR residency squared away in time.   We bought into a construction project in 2021 for our apartment to get built in Punta Cana it should be completed by January 2024 there about 80% completed.   We're planning on staying long-term in the DR with occasional visits back to Texas.  I would like to hear your thoughts