New members of the Saudi Arabia forum, introduce yourselves here - 2024

Hello everyone,

Welcome on board !

For a good start on the forum, feel free to read the articles of the Saudi Arabia Guide. It contains information on all aspects of expatriation.

In regards to employment, job seekers are required to create their CV in the Jobs in Saudi Arabia section.

All the best


Hi everyone!

I'm Anna, I'm italian and I will be in Riyadh from June.

I'm a tennis player, so if you play tennis, please here I'm.


@Anna251 yes

@Anna251 hello Anna, my name is Rabie i am a tennis player so whenever you arrive contact me and would love to see you on court

Great, thanks!

hii my name is rakhimol rajan working as an moh nurse  in tabarjal general hospital in sakkaka( al jouf).. my husband is woking in riyadh .

@Julien I am Ngwanamaleka from South Africa. I am aircraft Maintenance technician

Hi, I'm Vitalii form Ukraine

Pianist and piano teacher

Based in Riyadh

Hi! from New Zealand based in Khobar, Saudi Arabia. I am a music teacher and tango dancer!!

if anyone else is in Khobar, feel free to message me! only been here 7 months!🎼


I  am FR123, recently moved to Dammam earlier 1 year I spent in Riyadh and b4 in UAE I am Sales Engineer Chemical Div I am looking for new independent room near to Ind Area 2 on 3-month or 6Months renewal basis, if anyone can guide me.l. Look forwards to make friend too from this forum too 

Hi, I'm Xinho, a British Pakistani - moved with family to Riyadh 3 weeks ago.

We are currently settling in and getting to know the lay of the land.

We have 2 children, 6 and 1, hoping to enrol daughter to Kings College Riyadh in comjng days.

Hope you are all doing well, lookimg forward to meeting some fellow expats and comparing notes!


Moved to riyadh about 6 months ago.

I am a PT and Jiujitsu,Wrestling , kickboxing and mixed martial arts coach.

Brown belt in BJJ competed as a pro Jiu-Jitsu athlete in multiple countries and won championships.

Not a typical 9-5 desk job! 😄

look forward to connecting with expats and feel free to get in touch for any advise on fitness and if you're looking for a PT hit me up.

my instagram is @faheeltrains



nice to know

from jeddah



I too plan to move to Riyadh with my two children 13 and 15 and with our pets in Sept/Oct. My husband has just accepted a job so we are right at the beginning of the process.

Be great to connect with you not just for advice but friendship too.

Hope your move goes well in April.


Hi, I have been given an opportunity for a job in Jeddah and coming over for a month in mid April. I was born and lived in the UK all my life but considering moving to Jeddah. If anyone has any advice on living in Jeddah, I wouldn't mind meeting up for a coffee or a meal on me to discuss this then please let me know, thanks


If you were in Jeddah, I might have considered having you help me with my fitness. Food in Saudi is amazing as far as my last few visits is concerned so will definitely need a PT 1f923.svg1f602.svg


hi Suzy,

just came across your post and wondering if you have made any progress on finding appropriate secondary schools? I am working in Riyadh and intend to move my family from the UK to KSA. I have 13 yrs old who is about to finish KS3 in UK and will start KS4 from September 2024. would appreciate if you could share your experience of finding an appropriate secondary school so far.


Hi I'm robina I'm recently arrives jeddah with my husband I'm interested in working as a science teacher.i have 8_9 year experience as a biology teacher.


I am registered Senior registrar Anatomical Pathologist with SCFHS. Eagerly looking for that role in KSA


Hi @faheeltrains

I might be interested in kickboxing, as I practiced it some time ago when I was living in Asia.

Do you have any gym suggestions, or do you offer group training? I don't think I need a personal trainer yet.

Thanks so much!



Hey, i arrived in Riyadh almost a month ago from Australia. My work has brought me back here to gulf, I work in construction and I previously lived in Dubai and Bahrain from 2005-2012.

Riyadh so far has been interesting, although Ramadan is not the best time to explore nor judge a city on, so I am keen to see what this city has to offer! And of course looking to meet some lovely, positive professionals to share the experience!!



Hello I'm from Saudi Arabia and I live in Riyadh.

I would like to make friends and I'm also I am looking for someone who wants to learn Arabic.

Best wishes.

Hello everyone. Its nice to meet you all.

I studied English in the UK and now I'm back to Saudi Arabia

I'm from Saudi Arabia and I would like to make friends, teach Arabic, and help with any information that you ask about Saudi Arabia or Riyadh. 

Thank you.

Hi everyone, I am an Australian pakistani and have recently moved to Khobar for work.

Looking forward to meeting with people n hopefully someone to play badminton with.



Greetings everyone!

I am on the verge of moving to Saudi, and have been traveling back and forth for leisure and work for a while now. I will be heading there next month to see how independently I can manage before taking on the full commitment! However, it will be my first time in Jeddah - and alone with no social contacts in the city! I'm so used to depending on friends for everything from drives to grocery shopping.

I'm open to any and all advice, positive vibes and much-needed dua 1f605.svg

@Megan Arno

Cannot give advice on Jeddah, but if you want any advice about Riyadh, then let me know! 😉


Hi. I am interested in learning Arabic, please can you message me!


Hi. Happy to get in contact and share notes on riyadh. Been here for almost a year now.

Hi. Looking to move to Madina from UK. Will need your help!

I have no experience about Medina, but some about KSA relocation as I just moved. What help do you need?

@Julien My self Haresh poliyath. I am an indian who recently shifted to Saudi Arabia. I am working in a construction company. I am happy to meet up with all of you.

Enjoy the beautiful Saudi and keep smiling.


Welcome on board !

Hope you'll enjoy your forum ^^

All the best



Hi Been in Riyad for 4 days now came from sydney, will only be here for another 6 day, so board any advise on what to do or where to go

Hi, my name is Edgar.

Thank you for accepting me in this forum

I am a Spanish citizen who has lived in the country for 17 years. Originally from El Salvador, I am a husband, father of two children, and internist.

After a year of procedures, I have established an employment contract in Riyadh and am now awaiting translations and a visa, which I anticipate will allow me to be in Riyadh in June 2024, barring any complications. First, I'll travel, followed by my family.

We are incredibly excited, but also apprehensive and full of doubts, while we wait for everything to work out.

It is a pleasure to be a member of this community.

All the best!



Hi Edgar,

how can I help you?

@rachelkm22 Hello hope u are well, not completely new but back again love Saudi and the culture also living in Khobar.

Hello everyone,

Was working in Jubail for 6 years went home in Covid and now I'm back in Khobar again hoping to do another long term, Saudi and culture is a very nice place to be and at this stage lots of work on the horizon. Keep the faith.


@wirwir2 Hello nice to meet u, i am also khobar working in construction how to contact u.



Thank you very much for so much attention and hospitality, it is fantastic to hear your good experiences.

All the best