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I have about 7 experiences in doing this role. I'm also holding a recognized degree cert which is listed in MOM's list when I did the SATS. In fact, this is actually internal transfer from MY to SG . So that's why I din't expect that my EP will got prolong. Yeah.. still waiting! Will update if I have any updates. Thanks!

Hi Xuan,

Would you happen to know what did your company include in the appeal? Was it just a letter explaining why they need you? Or did they provide any additional documents?

Thank you


I've been offered to come and work in Singapore (have received the offer letter) which has to start by March. Here are some notes on my EP application in Jan:

Fresh grad
Uni of manchester: masters + bach in engineering
8 months working experience
3 months relevant exp
fixed monthly salary: SGD3,500
Job: Assistant Manager (technical data)
Employer has 10 people working there currently (Regional office)

I've also applied for Work Holiday Pass in September, and have an approved application  which I did not go through with (IPA letter has already expired in December) due to personal reason.

My question is could the rejection of my EP application be because I decided not to go forward with the approved WHP application? or could it be because of my actual EP application is not strong enough? If so, why?
(I've used the Self-Assessment Tool and said I was qualified though it's not guaranteed)

Please shed some light! Thanks so much!

The WHV has nothing to do with your rejection.
You will only get a visa to work in Singapore if you have skills (education and work experience) that are needed here (i.e. Singapore would benefit economically from your presence) AND you don't take a job that a suitably skilled local could also do. This is very unlikely to apply for fresh graduates. I assume, unless you have niche skills not mentioned in your post, that is the reason you were rejected.
Try to get at least three years of good work experience before you tray again - your chances are much higher then!

Thank you so much beppi for your reply!

Just wondering, is there anyway I can strengthen my case to work in my favor (will also ask my sponsor to give convincing reasons for the appeal)?

Or should my sponsor apply for the S pass instead?

I would really like to work in Singapore - it’s been my dream to live and work there.

Thank you again!

your employer must give a convincing reason why they need to hire you and nobody else. It would be best if the future growth of the company in Singapore (and thus jobs for locals) depend on you. They also must show unsuccessful attempts to find a suitable person to hire locally.

Thanks again for your reply!

Also, do you think I can enter Singapore on tourist visa when my appeal application is on pending status? Would it affect my application by any means?

Really appreciate your thoughts on this! Thanks!

A visit on SVP (tourist visa) will have no influence on your work pass application.

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