Short transfer time in bahn station - Hilversum

Hi guys,

I'm booking a train ticket from Amsterdam Centraal to Berlin HBf.
There's one transfer point in Hilversum but the time is only 4 minutes to shift the train. Please suggest me how to make preparation for this short time cause I'm going with family.
If I miss that connecting train, is it possible to catch another one without additional cost ?

Amsterdam Centraal   06:56    IC 1521 Intercity
Hilversum            07:17 

Transfer time : 4 minutes.

Hilversum    07:21    IC 141 Intercity
Berlin Hbf   13:20

Really appreciate for any valuable information.

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Hello Iwan!

Four minutes to shift train is for sure not easy.

Hope that someone will advise you soon.


Normally, 4 minutes sould be ok. The train from Amsterdam Central arrives at track 3 and the train to Berlin leaves from track 2. These tracks are at the same platform, opposite from each other, so the change is as easy as it can be.

If the train from Amsterdam is late, the train for Berlin will only wait in case of short delays. If that makes you miss the connection to Berlin, you'll be able to take the next train to Berlin - but that will run 2 hours later.

You might take an earlier train from Amsterdam Central (departure 6.26 instead of 6.56), but the solution below may work *much* easier (even if it is not so obvious).
The Hilversum-Berlin train does not call at Amsterdam Centraal (that's why you have to change), but it *does* call at Amsterdam Zuid (departure: 6.58). This means, you'll have to go to Amsterdam Zuid instead of Centraal to catch your train. Amsterdam Zuid is not too badly situated from the city centre (use tram 5 or metro 50 or metro 51), and the station is smaller (so shorter walks with luggage) so this may be a much more comfortable alternative to you.

Hope this helps,

Really grateful for your great info Twan.. :)
I'll consider this option.