Options for getting rid of my car...

Hello everyone,

Will try and keep this brief 1f605.svg

Moved over to the Netherlands in Dec 2020 in my car (Ford Focus Mk 3, 2011) from the UK. It has been sitting outside my rental property since then and is not registered here in NL.

It's in good condition, though the interior needs a good cleaning and airing out. I've tried to get it running, but the bonnet cable has snapped, and what should be a quick battery charge to get it started is now going to involve taking out the grill, etc. etc.

I don't currently have the funds to get it taken to a garage and repaired, and as mentioned it's not registered / no MOT etc. so I'm not even sure if they'd be able to do the repairs / it'd be worth it.

I've had notice that the Gemeente would like me to remove the vehicle and I've been told that I've got 14 days to get rid of it before I recieve fines and it's impounded.

I've looked into options for scrappage, and it's looking like I'll get around 10c / kg, so around EUR70 total for a car that with a bit of time and money could be running in a few hours, albeit with a steering wheel on the "wrong" side. Similar cars are selling for EUR7,000-9,000 - realise I'll need to take a big hit based on condition and status, but it'll probably cost me more to get it towed to the scrap yard than I'd get for it at that price.

I'm hoping that there are some other options or advice that could be given that may allow me to satisfy the Gemeente, get rid of the car and hopefully end up with a reasonable amount of Euros. I know Marktplats is a potential option, however I'm not sure whether it's possible to sell unregistered vehicles on there - will be looking into this tomorrow.

Also realise this is something I should have sorted a very long time ago, it's just been one of those life things that's ticked along in the background whilst getting settled and dealing with some tough challenges getting back on my feet.

Any advice or guidance here would be greatly appreciated! Thank-you.

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

My thoughts are that it will be tough to sell a right-hand drive car in the Netherlands; apart from the obvious (it's an old car), it's not helped by the fact it's a non-runner, is not registered and you'll probably have the back road taxes to pay.  If you've got somewhere to keep it, maybe break it up and sell the parts on Marktplaats.

It probably has not helped much, but I wish you the best of luck with this project.


Expat Team

@Cynic Thanks for the response. I've made some calls to a few places and yes, right hand drive is indeed an issue.

Looking like scrappage is going to be my only option.

Appreciate you getting back to me.