Travel Rotterdam to Amsterdam

I live in Rotterdam and I am starting a new job in Amsterdam. My company covers 200 euro /month travel costs but I am not sure what kind of NS subscription I should get in order to minimise costs.

In normal times, I should be travelling 5 days a week during peak hours.

Can you please provide some guidance?
Thank you very much!

Hi again.

For regular travel, your choices are limited to one of the OV-chip cards (you get anonymous and personalised); the benefits of the personalised version are that you can manage your travel costs online.  There are sometimes special online deals, but these are not suitable for commuting as they are limited to travel outside of the busy rush hour.

This link will help you sort something out.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team


You need a Traject Vrij (Unlimited travel on the selected route
40% discount outside peak hours on other routes).
You can go to the NS travel service at Rotterdam CS or visit