International students driving foreign cars

I live in the Netherlands (registered as a resident) as an exchange student for 5 months and I would like to extend my stay to 8 months. I brought my car from Lithuania and I wonder if I have to pay the road tax and bpm? I know that as a student I can be excempted from some taxes, but I'm not sure which, and if I have to fill out any forms for that. Moreover, can I keep my foreign license plate after 6 months of my stay? I have no taxable income here. 

Your help would be much appreciated.

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

If your intention is to return to your home country after 8 months, then there is no requirement to register your car in the Netherlands.  Taxes will be assessed on your income; if you have finished your studies and intend to work in the Netherlands, then you will have to register your car, you can find the details how at this link.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

Hi Cynic!

I have a question regarding the question before. I am currently studying at a university in Limburg and working a student job on the side. I am planning to bring my car from Lithuania for the rest of my studies and then bring it back once I have finished. Do I need to convert my car's license plate to a dutch one? I still have 1,5 years of studies. 

If I need to, is there any way around the conversion? Like driving outside of the Netherlands and then back, buying gas in a foreign country as proof of me driving outside of the NL? As the car is still new, and BPM would be really painful for my wallet! 

This document is explaining a bit, but still unsure...
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You would help me a lot!!