Documents from countries at war


Does anybody know whether the Uruguayan immigration authorities show any leniency / common sense / compassion if someone needs documents that he can apply for only in person from a country that is at war with another country where travel advisories such as „Avoid all travel“ or „Do not travel“ are in place by the governments that the applicant is a citizen of.

It is not that the documents required are not available at all, it is just that the certificate is more than one year old, as is usual with all vital certificates. To get a duplicate you would have to apply in person i.e. in Ukraine. Acceptable power of attorney does not seem to be easy to arrange. In any case it would only be a duplicate of the old certificate that would be issued and apostilled and therefore also really more than one year old.

All the other documents will be supplied as required.

Any help or the sharing of personal experience would be greatly appreciated! The lawyer is no help at all, because he is scared that the authorities will not accept it. If they truly would not accept it I would rather leave Uruguay now then later because I then do not need a country, which would endanger the life of a resident without any benefit to the other residents.

Also if you can recommend a lawyer or anyone that is willing to intervene on behalf of a client please let me know.

Thank you and all the best!