Advocate for the legal topics...resident permit+buying new/old car etc

Hi to everybody ,
We are 2 women who wants to move to Uruguay with two little dogs (fox terrier+king charles) from Turkey..I
I do my BİG search (real estate, buying cars, resident permit, 2.nd passport, gay marriage etc...)
for Uruguay... and I have 4 full of info files in my desk to bring with me next week to Uruguay.
I have a little 2 problemz that I wasn't able to solve : 1. to find a lawyer in Uruguay...
I have sent a several messages to Fischer & Schinkendantz and to Guyer & Regules Lawyer Offices but unfortunately no one answered me....:((.. So I don't know how I can find a lawyer for doing legally the residency to Uruguay (by the way I prepared every single document Apostilled-so we are a good and easy clients for them)..
I will appreciate if anyone could help us on this matter.
Thank you to everbody
Salud. :)
Aytaç Attagenç

We are using Fischer and Schickendantz as well.  Contact  Macarena Castells   ([email protected])  for information.

Even if you have all the correct documents it is still not easy or quick I am afraid!

Thank you Morrell,
I write right now an email to her.
Hope that they will answer.
It will be my 4th e mail to them !!!!!
Thank you again.

You can also try to email Nathalie
[email protected]

Thank you sooooo much ...We had contact the and had a meeting last week...Thank you again for your
answers..İt helped me sooo much ...Thank you and Warm Regards. :))

My name is Melina, Im uruguayan and Im actually living in Montevideo.
If you are still looking for a lawyer please feel free to contact me and I will help you to find one.
See u,  ;)

Hi Melina,

Can you please refer me an Uruguay lawyer?? who deals in immigrations??

Hi Odan - you can check out the Immigration lawyers in Uruguay from our Business Directory please :)

Hi I Interested to apply the Uruguay resident visa
Please suggest me any immigration lawyer please
i shall wait for your reply

are you a lawyer.  I need legal consultaion

Please do help me with a lawyer in Uruguay. As I have planed to move with my family.

Give me ur email

Thanks for the input on this topic.  Does obtaining residency require using a lawyer?

It probably depends a great deal on where you are coming from. You will need your birth certificate and police certificate legalized in your home country then translated (if it isn't in Spanish) and notarized  here in Uruguay. The police certificate is only valid 6 months from the date of issue until you enter Uruguay. I was advised that mine was out of date so I paid £55 for a new one, had it legalized for £30 together with a £20 courier fee. At my residency appointment, the immigration officer said that the old one was valid because I had entered within 6 months of the date of issue.

For your residency interview, you will also need your carne de salud which you get from a clinic, your vaccination record, which must include tetanus, foto carne which is just a handful of passport size photos and proof that you won't be a financial burden to Uruguay. I don't know the requirement s for someone coming to work but as a retiree, I had to have a house costing no less than US$100,000 or purchase that amount of Uruguayan government debt and have a verifiable income of US$1,500 per month. As you don't speak Spanish, you will need an interpreter with you at the initial interview. I paid US$50 for one.

Hello,  My name is Diego, I'm Uruguayan living in Montevideo.
I can be your interpreter for your migration interview, as Coloniaman explains.
I have some immigration background, as I work for a foreign Consulate here.



We hope to come to Uruguay on October 21st, very early in the morning.  We would like to get a lot done in two weeks.  We could use a good interpreter and a resource person.  If you are both of these you are our man. 

How much do you charge per hour?  How much do you charge if we would hire you for a full day?  We hired a consular employee in Mexico and she was a great help.

Thank you and all the best!



Thank you so much for the overview.

I have three questions to points that I can not wrap my head around.   May I?

1)  I have never been to many countries including living and working in some.  I never need an immunization record.  I have one from my childhood and the some loose sheets.  Would these all neeed to be transalted and apostilled or could I just get the tetanus shot and get that documented and apostilled?

2)  We (both or one of us) have lived for more than 6 months in at least three countries during the last five years.  I read that US citizens can get Interpol certificates in Montevideo.  Is this also possible for people who are neither residents nor citizens of the USA.

3)  We need to get birth and marriage certificates from various countries including Ukraine.  I have no idea how well everything functions in Ukraine nowadays (it was perfect when we got married there, but now).  Are there any exceptions.  We have a legalisation from the Canadian Consulate based on certifications by the Ukrainian Ministry of the Interior and the Exterior ...

Very detailed questions I know.  Perhaps to specific.  But the world is getting more complicated.  I have thought of using a lawyer although I am not bad with legal things, have even helped (successfully) a few people with immigrating to Canada.

You will definitely need a professional to clarify all this and help you here.  The governmental officers are quite provincial and square-minded.  You have to bring EVERYTHING  apostilled and then you will have to pay a local  (don't translate before coming since they only accept Uruguayan translators) professional translator before you submit your documents.  You will also need LOTS    OF PATIENCE since everything here is slooooow.  They never accepted my PhD even though it was apostilled because they disagree with the way they make the apostilles in Puerto Rico.

Haha. Welcome to Uruguay. I promise that in two years time you will manage to be as slow.


Hi Armin, how have you been?

Sorry for this late reply, honestly I did not notice your message 1f644.svg

I hope have already managed to start your residence permit procedure here.

If you still need some help, please contact me at any time.

You can also send me a private message.


@armin31 Hello, l have just found your message. I cannot answer those questions authoritatively but l would urge caution when instructing an immigration lawyer. I contacted one who wanted $2,000 + 22% tax and advised an additional $1,000 disbursements. The notary who handled my house purchase did most of the work or found translators for me. As l remember, it was substantially less than $1,000, possibly less than $500. If you are going to buy real estate then you will need a notary (escribano) so take the opportunity to discuss the matter with him/her. You will in any case need a notary for your documents. It just takes a while to process your application.