How long to get the permanent residency?

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I' ve seen on internet that people got their cedula in 10 days but then, how long it takes to get the permanent residency? (if everything goes well).

You need to make an appointment with DNI for your cedula and the problem doing that from outside Uruguay is that there is no way of paying for the appointment. When you arrive in Uruguay you can pay at Abitab or Redpagos but you probably won't get an appointment within 10 days. However, you have 90 days on your visa which can be extended so it shouldn't be a problem. Make sure you have all the necessary papers duly apostilled and translated along with your up to date vaccination record which must include tetanus. You will need a carne salud which you get after a medical exam and some passport size photos know as photo carnet. If you present everything in order, you should get your residency within a year.


It will take me about 1 1/2 years because of some issues like needing documents from the Ukraine and a second police certificate from Canada and one from Mexico.  I had all else when I came here. 

If I take these complications specific to me out, one year should be sufficient.  Make sure you prepare ALL the necessary things from your home country.  All else will cost you tons of money and even more time. 

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