Filipino Nationals holding a residence in Uruguay

Hello! everyone any Filipinos here from Philippines. I want to ask how is the procedure to get a residence permit in Uruguay. Thank you in advance.

Hello, there are about 6 Filipino residents here in Uruguay. Are you already here on a 90 day visa? If so, you can extend for another 90 days but start your residency process as soon as you can. You will need your birth certificate and police clearance translated and apostilled so you may need help from a family member in the Philippines. You will also need a carne salud which is a card issued after a medical, photo carne which is just a few passport sized photos and a notarized statement of how you will support yourself but you probably had to do all that for your visa.

You should take a look at and go to Residencia Legal.

Hello! Alexis thank you for your reply, I'm currently working overseas. But I'm planning to apply a tourist visa soon. I l really love to connect with my kababayans fellow filipinos there. Thank you again, I appreciate your help.