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I am from india 49 years old and planning to move to urguary and my objective is not to make huge money but-- peaceful life with exploring oppurtunities, visiting new natural places for healthy air and overfun is my aim. Additionally i want to make few money for good living standard.

I sit possible to go on a tourist visa and straight way apply for PR residency. What are the basic requirements to apply for PERMANENT RESIDENT IN URGUARY.

Regarding income for survival what kind of jobs i can expect as an expat . I can work as-- Driver, computer operator-office cler(English), Hair cutting barber.   

Please inform me how can i settle and what are the possibilities to settle in urguary.

waiting for replies please.


iN SHORT  i want to ask please inform me how to apply for Residency in urguay . If i am an indian and currently residing in INDIA

You may apply for permanent residency with a legal entry to Uruguay. You may request an appointment, for that purpose, in any immigration offices all over the country; it's recommended to schedule an appointment in any office outside Montevideo, because they have lower requests. You'll need several documents, which ain't needed at the moment of scheduled interview, but you must provide them to complete your residence; must important are:
1. Your Birth Registration (legally translated into Spanish, which is the language you'll need to speak in here and, therefore, you eventually must learn and use it),
2. Your Criminal Record (legally provided from your country).
3. Legal Work record from BPS (in Spanish, Banco de Previsión Social or Social Security Bank), for at least 3 months. This will only be normally possible to obtain after interview, because you need to acquire and identity card (cédula in Spanish). All employers know, and it's legally established that any foreign people can work using its passport, but not all of them take this risk; so they will request your Uruguayan identity card, that can be obtained with a paper given at the immigration office, when interviewed.

There are several employment options, and some employer web sites you can use to register your CV. TATA Consultancy services is one of the Indian enterprises that may require your skills, but you must be proficient in computer science. I am Cuban, but I know that here, in Uruguay, there are many Indians; it's a big community you can ask help too.

Hi Murli,

I am Indian staying here in Uruguay since last 2 years, please send me offline message.


Dear delverdl Thanks a lot for useful information.

Also ashwin pls send me your email  so that we can be in touch.   my e mail is  ***

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I sent you mail but you havent responded yet.


Dear ashwin    I am really very happy that you are taking intreste in my intrete of settling in urguay but frankly i did not recieve any mail from you.  Any way we can exchange messages here in the forum also. still as you sail you have sent a mail to me kindly resend it so that i may try seeing it again. by chance it might have missed by me. any way kindly inform me how can i start my application and it it really worth moving to urguay?   Which country is better urguay or chile? kindly guide me. once i get my whattsup smart phone ill add you. For now pls give me info through this forum. Presently what are u doing in URGuay GOT THE pr ALREADY? what do you do ? kindly brief me with details.

warm wishes.



I am sorry but all the details cannot be discussed here as it takes a lot of time to enter all the details. Once you have whatsapp, may be you can tell me your number.