What is the minimum income to be shown per couple in US$ for residency

I would like to know :-

what is the minimum income proof to be shown per couple in US$ for residency in Uruguay.

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Have you contacted the embassy of your country?

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I have tried to get the information from Uruguay embassy but some how i did not get it so I have posted here. Let someone may answer please.



I have contacted but i am yet to get it but lot of time elapsed.


We were asked to show $1500 per couple and they preferred government pensions to any other kind of income.  There is not an actual amount but Uruguay is more expensive than the US and even though we own our home so have no rent, we spend around $2000US a month.

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Can u please provide the beakup of the living expenses ?
And your family consists of how many members?

I am interested to know per couple how much is the monthly expenditure ?


Information from Miami Consulate website:

Article 1. Any foreigner who has acquired the status of retirement or retirement abroad and that, subsequent to December 15, 1992, has obtained and obtains permanent residence in the Republic, shall be entitled to the benefits provided in the Article 3 of the Law that regulates, provided that proves to the National Directorate of Immigration as follows: A. Your retired or retired status and perception, on a regular and permanent, a minimum of U $ S 1,500 (U.S. $ 1500) per month, on account of retirement, pension or other income or income generated abroad. This is substantiated with reliable documentation, translated when appropriate, and endorsed by him Uruguayan Consulate place of issue, if it does not exist in the place consular agent is allowed an extra test, which will be evaluated by the immigration authorities. B. The acquisition, subsequent to that date, from real property located in the destination country home with room for a minimum value of U $ S 100,000 (one hundred thousand U.S. dollars), which may not sell for a period of ten years , must present the title or notarization. Failing that, the acquisition of government securities issued by the government of Uruguay, for a minimum nominal value of U $ S 100,000 (one hundred thousand U.S. dollars), which will remain in the custody of the Bank of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay, for a period minimum of ten years. The property can be changed by government securities and other way around, or any of them for a risky investment of equal minimum amount that must be previously approved by the Office of Planning and Budget. Also, when the value of the property does not reach the minimum required, may be supplemented by government securities. To make any of these changes will require the approval of the Ministry, of: Interior.

http://www.uruguaymiami.org/contenido// … esidir.php

http://translate.google.com/translate?h … nido%2F%2F

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between 1200 and 1700, but it might vary depending on your life style (can be much more or something less).

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The program  mentioned about buying property or government securities worth $100,000 US for residency purposes was ended some years ago and the amount required is now more flexible.

You are required to show you can support your life style. There is no fixed amount. If you buy a house for $250.000 then you will need to show more than if you buy a small house in the campo  for $50,000 and grow your own food.  Residency is a slow process and you generally will have many months or years to demonstrate you can afford to live here.

Folk trying to get absolutes on things here will become frustrated as you will often get a different answer depending on who you speak to and rules can change quickly with little warning or publicity.

Embassies may not have the latest information and have led a lot of folk astray!

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