Can retirees (in practise, not in theory) get citizenship in UY?


Do any of you know of any pensioners that was granted citizenship in UY? I have heard that it is more difficult for pensioners than for other applicants. If you know of anyone who received it, could you please inform me of roughly which year that was, and after how long residency?

It would help me to configure my expectations.

Thanks for your time.

Hello, again!

May I ask you why you are asking.  You have an EU passport I assume.  The Uruguayan passport is good but which door exactly is it supposed to open?

I have met a number of retirees but they are mainly from Argentinia another Mercosur country.  Of the other nationalities I am not sure, but I could ask around.  May I suggest that you contact the lawyers I had recommended to you via private message.  They do citizenship applications too, so they can tell you without blinking with the eye.

All the best with your research!  If you come upon something interesting, please, share it here.


I know of several retirees who were granted citizenship. But whether they relied on a pension for their income, I don't know. These were probably between 5 and 15 years ago, after 4 or more years of residency I'd guess. The minimum is 3 years for married couples or 5 years if you are single.

I didn't hear that they had any special trouble because they were retirees. Maybe important is that they applied in Punta del Este. One told me that they were advised that the process is easier, or maybe smoother, outside Montevideo. But also, they lived in Punta anyway.

I also know of several people, not retirees, who applied for citizenship and didn't get it, even one couple who applied using a high profile lawyer. They were never exactly told 'no', but at each appointment they were told that they needed to provide more documentation, and it never ended. These were in Montevideo btw.