Waiting time for citizenship in Bolivia


In the past, I delivered a citizenship application in another country (Armenia), and still 5 years after I delivered the first one, I am awaiting a positive decision. I am disappointed after learning the language (to some degree of mastery) and paying taxes for almost a decade, when the law say you can apply for citizenship after 3 years. But there is a war brewing in Armenia now, and I feel I cannot stay any longer and considering moving to Latin-America. Bolivia looks interesting, but I have heard that there are issues in Latin-America with issuing citizenship that entails a lot of waiting after one has qualified for submitting the citizenship application.

My question is the following: Have you had personal experience, say in the last 5 years, of a gringo obtaining citizenship in Bolivia? If so, could you please share how much time each step of the process took? It will give me a way to determine my expectations.

Thanks for your time.

Kind regards