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About Bolivia

Officially known as the Plurinational State of Bolivia, this 1,098,581 km landlocked country is located in western-central South America and borders Brazil on the north, Paraguay on the southeast, Argentina on the South, Chile on the southwest and Peru on the northwest. The Andean Mountains cover a large portion of the country's territory.

Bolivia attracts visitors with its stunning natural views and unique character. Home to the world's largest navigable lake, Lake Titicaca, and the second largest forested area in the world, Kaa Yia National Park, Bolivia has welcomed over a million tourists annually in recent years. Some of the main attractions (apart from Lake Titicaca and Kaa Yia National Park) include Isla del Sol, home to Inca Palace and the Chincana ruins, Salar de Uyuni salt island, Madidi National Park, and the Death Road. Bolivia's rich cultural heritage and beautiful landscapes make it a popular expat destination offering its new residents an exciting buffet of arts, music, and food.

Bolivia's population is just over 11 million (2017), and is comprised of several ethnic groups, with the majority of residents belonging to the Mestizo group, which makes Bolivia the only country in South America with the majority of its population being indigenous (over 60%).

There are a whopping 37 official languages in Bolivia ' with Spanish being the predominant language spoken throughout the country alongside 36 indigenous languages.

Bolivia is a lower-middle income country and one of the fastest growing economies in South America primarily based on mining and gas imports. The country's capital is Sucre while La Paz is the main administrative city and the seat of the government.

Before travelling to Bolivia or considering a prolonged stay, you should take into account that some parts of the county including the city of La Paz are located at high elevation and those suffering from altitude sickness may experience some discomfort. Medicine against high altitude sickness can be found in most pharmacies in the country.

Quick Information

Capital : Sucre
Official Languages : Spanish; Castilian , Quechua , Aymara
Currency : Boliviano
Area : 1098580 Km2
Population : 9947418
Calling Code : +591
Timezone : America/La_Paz

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