How to find a job in Bolivia?

Hi to all of you who are living in Bolivia! :)

We need your help to understand the labour merket in Bolivia !

What are the main industries of Bolivia?

What is the situation of Healthcare jobs in Bolivia?

Which are the professions in demand?

Are industries / organizations hiring expats in Bolivia?

Thanks for your contribution!

you can updade your CV at the internet. and To find jobs in Bolivia, job search Bolivia below. Enter the type of profession, the industry, a specific job title or even a company name you're looking for under QUE or WHAT. Then enter the location where you'd like to work under DONDE or WHERE (city or country.)\
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Most people find jobs through a connection, which means that usually it is more likely you'll get a job if someone can recommend you. If you need a job I would suggest telling any Bolivian friends you might have, or even go to your own embassy to check if they might know of any openings.