Job Search In Bolivia

Hi Could Anyone help to search jobs in Bolivia

Hi rajainderjith,

Can you please tell us in which sector you are looking for work and maybe introduce yourself in a proper way with a few more words :)

Thank you

Expat-blog Team

I am working with E-Commerce and Insurance Industry.. And I have good command over Computer As well..

But specifically i am ready to do any kind of job in there.. Coz i wanted to Leave india and wish to work abroad... In any countries in South America..

Hi rajainderjith,

Specify a job might be more helpful to guide you, even for visa procedure you might need this information.

May you can tell us more details about your actual job there in New Delhi?



Expat-blog team.

I am working with a E-Commerce Company Right Now.. And I have 5 years experience in Insurance Industries in middle management .

You could try looking in the local newspaper classifieds.  Here in La Paz the best option is El Diario.

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Hello Gringo in Bolivia,

Thanks for the information.

I invite you to post your blog in the section blogs in Bolivia.
That would be a nice addition. :)

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