Transferring money to and from Ukraine. during war

Hi all, this just a short post, to keep all interested in sending or receiving money from the Ukraine. At this moment in time 95% of Ukraine is covered with normal banking, ATMs banks etc. If you are resident i would strongly advice you to get the  Дія app as there is assistance and advice, also for people who have lost there property you are able to register for reparation's.

Ok so best service and almost always the cheapest is WISE. it can be a little complicated to register your self, but once done, its very easy to add, friends and family to pay. Mainly card to card. if your a avid user takes a few hours new user 2 days or so. Bank to bank via swift and Bic. is also good but normally takes 4 days or so from the UK, and costs a lot more. If you just need to make a payment as a one off almost all the money transfer people will give you a first time free transfer.

Rates to the Ukraine are very very good at the moment 44uah to £1.00 35uah to $1.00 and 30uah to €1.00, all good if you have a bank card the other end. For cash options are almost as good but more complex ,MoneyGram and Western Union seem to be the most popular, The main this with all the methods is they need to make money from you , I have used them all, Bank to Bank you are charged a set fee or % of the total amount but the transfer rates are well naff. Cash transfers are expensive over all but are a welcome if no card. Card to card transfers work out the cheapest, fastest and over all the best. The Banking system in the Ukraine works well even through these hard times, If you have a bank from the Ukraine and one that's government  supported, you have no problems in getting cash from an ATM abroad, just check what rate you are getting. Just as a foot note, Kyivstar, is best sim to keep alive outside Ukraine, you can top it up from internet, and most of Europe your tariff is the same as roaming has been scrapped in the EU. 3D verification works very fast if you need to pay with your card, both in Ukraine and abroad. There are providers but there are caveats to them , and signals are a little down,