Building contractor or similar

Hi, I'm moving into an tired old 2 bedroom condo in Florida FL33406 it needs complete updating and need to start the work end of April:

can anyone recommend a good quality fully insured etc building contractor or similar to price up the whole lot

ie  new tiles to the floor throughout, new bathroom ( same foot print, new kitchen etc.. needs to be recommended and I'll need 3 companies to quote,

please help


Marc & Audrey

Hello and hope you're well.

Regarding your request, have you seen ours housing & building contractors in Florida?

You can check the list in the following section:

Housing & building contractors in Florida

Hope you will find what are you looking for.

Have a nice day,

Mickael Team

@Mickael cheers.. very much appreciated

Join Nextdoor for that area and search/ask on there, or use an app like Thumbtack or Angi.

Also, it helps to mention the city or town, people don't memorize random zip codes and aren't going to be bothered to look them up usually.

In the future, please create only one topic for your question.  You asked the same question in another part of the USA forum.


Okay thanks