Loving Santa Marta

So I put a few messages on this forum before leaving Canada for Santa Marta.

I'm here just over 2 weeks now and loving it.

The first week was in a nice little boutique hotel casa Carolina which I loved. Close to everything in the historical centre. Not a great deal to see but I loved just walking around and the restaurants are great and the prices amazing.

I have now moved to Rodardero. I have a beautiful one bedroom a short walk from the beach and in the thick of things. I have a great view of the hills and the road that winds up the mountain and down the other side into Santa Marta. This road has an amazing walking path parallel to it all the way up and down. It has exercise stations at intervals and this has become my morning fitness ritual. I'm up around 6am on this path and it's got lots of people out doing the same as may and everyone is so friendly and greets you.

I'm still looking for any tennis players. I move into a place with courts on the 25th of March but I've been given access to them in advance.

Also, I do a little work for a small charity in Oakville Canada called "Make A Great Pass -Donate Your Used Soccer Gear". So, with the help of my landlady Sandra, I delivered some soccer outfits and balls to a soccer club in the poorer area of Santa Marta. I had stuff for one full team and the kids were so happy.

Anyway, anyone interested in Tennis or even just grabbing a pint feel free to respond.



I'll be moving to Santa Marta just about the time you're moving into the new place with the tennis courts. I'm planning on that weekend. I'm a terrible tennis player but I'm up for a pint anytime.



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Hello StevenStapleton,

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Thanks for the info. I'm new here. But I'll follow the rules.

@jamcadam Hey Joseph what an awesome place you work for I'm from NZ and play tennis but not living there just yet

whats the rent prices like?

And what will you do for work ?

I'm a nurse but don't think I'd be in a position to do nursing and I didn't have the language

I really need to find remote work if I ever make it to Santa Marta il.def hit u up for a game of tennis your place.sounds great


Hi Steven,

That would be great. Touch base when you arrive and we'll arrange for contact and meeting.

Not sure if you've been here before, but if not and you would like some info in the interim just let me know.

Thanks Joseph



Actually I'm not working right now and not sure I will again. I have some savings and I do a little investing and so far I've not needed to touch any of my retirement funds.

It's much cheaper living here than Toronto which is great; and the weather is so much better.

I'm paying around $1300 to 1500 CDN a month for a modern condo which is what I want. But' as I understand it you can live much cheaper than that if you wish and are not so picky.

For sure, if you make it I'd love to play tennis. Actually I've been enjoying things here so I haven't missed it. I am just back from the hike to la Ciudad Perdida and it was the experience of a lifetime.

Also, I don't have Spanish but I get by easily and it is improving in leaps and bounds.