Golf in Peloponnese

Hi Everyone, We are considering a permanate move to Greece ( Peloponnese area  ) and I wonder if any brit's have moved there and play golf ? The course's look great but the price to be a member is  astronomical .  Can you play the course in a group say twice per week ?

Look forward to hearing from you.


Hi There, Are there any Ex-Pats living in Peloponnese that like to play regular golf? The membership costs are very high so I wondered if a group get together once a week for a game.

I look forward to hearing from you.



You probably speak about the golf in Pylos, west side of peloponessos?

There is a new golf complex in construction in Kranidi/ Kilada.

We are building something about 50 km from there, and try to know the entrance fee, without success.

Golf accomodations are reserved for people buying a plot around the golf complex, have priority...

Here's the link:

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Anyone has an idea of the entrance prices?


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If you're looking to share a membership, I might be interested: that is if you don't mind sharing with a dual US-UK citizen. I made the move here with my wife a year ago from London and we love this place.