Chennai resident looking to move to the USA

Hi, I'm a resident of Chennai with 4 years of work experience in Marketing. I'm looking to move to the USA sometime this year for my master's degree, preferably in Management or Business Administration. I'm open to stories from those who've recently made the move for the same reason. Please share your application/consultancy experience. Thank you!

Hi! I'm a South African expat living in the US. My wife may be able to help. You can write to me at [link moderated].

Good luck!


@Ashley Jensen I can help you buy a home if you are looking to move to Georgia or Florida.

Hello everyone,

Thank you for taking the time to reply to the OP's request.

I would advise you all to give as much information as you have directly on the forum if you feel like you can help him.

Contact details will not be allowed on the forum for security reasons.


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