Cleaner wanted

I am living in a Bungalow in the Cap St George area of Peyia. We are looking for a cleaner to do around 4 hours a week. Mostly bathrooms kitchen and floors. Has anyone any idea where we can find one?

@MacGeorge8035 I know a good one if you wish to message me... She is 100% trustworthy from a good family ..and British we know her personally

@MacGeorge8035   Hi, I am interested, I can do afternoons, I can be with you from 1pm, how much do you pay ?

my name is Rosalyne

You can also try the FB group 'Ask anything Paphos' we have found them very responsive and loads of replies on out questions.

@MacGeorge8035 I really do think you're dreaming , if you believe you can get a responsible person to come and clean bathrooms .. kitchen and floors in four hours .. a week ...  Just my opinion ....

@phildraper ask anything Paphos

ask anything coral bay peyia

Where why how Paphos all excellent

@MyCandyGirl am sure whatever the outcome it will come out in the wash..  lol