New members of the Turkey forum, introduce yourselves here - 2023

Hi all,

Newbie on the Turkey forum? Don't know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country,
or to tell us more on your expat projects in Turkey if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hi/Merhaba everybody.  My name is Furkan and I'm from Turkiye. I've been to more than 25 countries so I consider myself as a global citizen and globetrotter. I'm currently living in Sanliurfa city. If you have any question about culture, rules, etiquettes, places to go etc. you can drop me a message.

Nice to meet you all. 1f60e.svg

Hello everyone! My name is Jacob. I am here with my husband who is from Moldova. We moved to Turkey after living 10 years in Shanghai, China. Not sure if we will settle down here or not, but for now we'd like to get to know friends here, especially anyone who is LGBTQ friendly. We live in Antalya.

Hi all

My full name isYussif Aminu Yidana. I am a Ghanaian and I do admire Turkey and will really want to work and live there for some time.

Hello everyone and welcome on board !

Here is a small guide that all newcomers should read to get started : Living in Turkey guide for expats

It contains all relevant information on visa, work and other aspects of expatriation to Turkey.

After reading the Guide, should you have any question, please start your own topic on the  Turkey forum.

All the very best


Hi/Merhaba everybody. My name is Furkan and I'm from Turkiye. I've been to more than 25 countries so I consider myself as a global citizen and globetrotter. I'm currently living in Sanliurfa city. If you have any question about culture, rules, etiquettes, places to go etc. you can drop me a message.

Nice to meet you all. 1f60e.svg

Hey merhaba , please can I get your Facebook or email ?


I am a french teacher and i'd like to work in Turkey.

I have many questions about teaching in your country...I hope find answers here ^^

Kind regards

Hi there everyone,  does anyone know about the soma kars private school


Hi Julien,

My name is Anton and I am thinking about buying a place in Turkey, initially as a holiday home but with the plan to spend longer and longer in Turkey as I approach retirement.

The questions I have are:

Are there any restrictions on the amount of time that I can spend in Turkey

Are there any significant tax or money issues I need to be aware of

I presume that a UK citizen will have no problems buying in Turkey

Most importantly, what I would like to buy is a bit of land where I can build a little eco house, or a run down old property that needs work doing to it. All I can find on estate agents websites is town centre apartments and luxurious beach side houses.

Any help you can give will be gratefully received.



@antoncross hi, there are agents who deal specifically with land. Also, you should be careful because lands aren't al; suitable for residential construction. There are also rules on what you can build, how many floors, and net area of the construction. I know a company dealing with lands all over Turkey, as well as construction. You can PM me your WhatsApp if you wish and we can talk in more detail

@Julien Gooday sir,Am miracle by name ,I study nursing

Am living to Turkey in search of job

Hello everyone welcome on board !

@ Mnkemjika9, you can create your CV in the Jobs in Turkey section of the website for better chances of finding a job.

All the best


Hello there,  am a new member here,  I'm Brian Musyoka , architect by profession and am looking for job.

I can design both architectural and structural, Bill of quantities and general supervision.

Am in Kenya but am looking job in Turkey

Hello Brian,

Welcome on board !

You can create your CV in the Jobs in Turkey section of the website to benefit from more visibility.

All the best


Good morning.  My name is Sandrine and I'm French (I'm not an expat but I don't know how to change the status - error when registering).

I am 45 years old and my 17 year old son has a father of Turkish nationality from whom I have been separated for a long time.

I am here to have information, to realize various experiences with a Franco-Turkish child, to possibly have answers, advice...

Very happy to be on this network, these forums looking for answers...

Thank you to all.

Good Sunday !

@Nina20777 Hi Nina I'm also in a same situation as you, cause my ex is a Turkish citizen and we have an 11 year old daughter. May I ask whether your son has applied for the Turkish citizenship.

Hi everybody

My name is Namo Muzenda,iam originally from Zimbabwe but currently live and work in South Africa. I am in love with Turkey and hope to migrate there one day.I am devastated by the damage and loss of life caused by the twin earthquakes.If i could have an opportunity, i would love to come there and help in rebuilding the country and offering help to the people of Turkey to rebuild their lives.

Iam a qualified Electrician and i hope my experience can help.

Hello Good people of Turkey. My name is Ndeeh Baridapdo Friday, I'm from Nigeria. I am a petroleum and gas Engineer. I deeply condole with the family of those who lost their life's in the twin earthquake.

I hope to be part of the developmental drive in Turkey some day where my skills and expertise will be utilized for the benefit of mankind. I love Turkey.


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Hello baridapdondeeh,

Welcome to!

The first thing to do is to read the Living in Turkey guide for expats. You will find many articles related to visas and employment there.

You can then add your CV in the Jobs in Turkey section to increase your chances of finding a job.

All the best,

Yoginee team


I am Evren. I live in İzmir, Turkey. I work at REMAX as a realtor. I would be happy to answer your questions about housing, residency and university education etc.

e-mail: [link moderated]

phone: *****

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Hello Everyone, My name is Nadeem and I live in Istanbul.  I am from Pakistan. Worked and lived in Dubai for 12 years now planning to settle here in Istanbul!

Hello Nadeem,

Welcome to the Turkey forum!

Firstly, do you speak Turkish? Also, in which sector would you like to work?

It is important to note that in most sectors, speaking Turkish might be a prerequisite.


Yoginee team


Hello sandrine  my name is sandrine  I wish go to live in izmir. My son and husband are turkish but me no. If you want to speak with me in french ?

I wish I can get that chance but I am in Uganda, if there's still a chance for me to come there and work for you I am available. I am 26 years now and I have worked in Dubai as a house maid for one year and a half, I am a hardworking lady who knows what to do and if you have kids I can take care of them and do other work. Thanks

Hello Shamirah,

Welcome to!

Kindly note that it might be required of you to speak Turkish.

Nonetheless, I advise you to add your CV in the Jobs in Turkey section.

All the best,

Yoginee team

Alright thanks

Merhaba everyone!

My name is Christine Nguyen and I have been living in Cappadocia, Turkey since November 2020. I was born in Vietnam, but I am a US Citizen.

After sailing around the world for more than 10-12 years, I wanted to establish some roots to land for my retirement.

I bought an old house in Cappadocia where I am renovating. I am dating a Turkish man.

I am a writer and an artist. I have some part time online jobs, but always looking for more since renovating has gotten quite expensive due to material costs, labor, etc. Not to mention the inflation in Turkey.

Also, I do not speak very good Turkish so making English speaking friends is important for me.

Thanks all!

Welcome on board, Christine ^^

Hope you will get some interaction on the forum.

All the best



thank you Julien

me and my wife have just purchased an apartment in Etimisgut Ankara. We are now planning to furnish the apartment with all basics. Will look forward for advice on this.

As an important step, for the next about 6 months, I intend learning Turkish up to a reasonably fair level. Besides using the usual interactive language learning applications like Duolingo, Bussu etc, to practice my Turkish language, I shall also be looking forward for a friendly Turkish speaking partner who can also speak English ( even at the basic level would be okay).

Best regards


Hello Mushtaqkk,

Thank you for the introduction.

Feel free to start a new thread on the Turkey forum to ask questions you may have on various topics. The members on this forum would be delighted to assist you.

All the best,

Cheryl team

Hi Just saw the forum

I am in Turkey since last six months - Living in ADANA

A Chemical Engineer by profession - Working for a Spanish Company for the execution of a Chemical Project

My Work place is  ADANA _ Plan to tour all places in turkey - This place is too good as well as the people

I am a professional Table Tennis Player

Hello cvpradeep,

Welcome on board !

I hope you will get some interaction on the forum.

All the very best


@Julien Hello and salaam all..My name is Noorhayati and I was born and raised in Malaysia. It feels good to meet such a friendly community here. My reason for wanting to live in Turkey is because my twin girls are planning to study at Yasar University and I have plans to work in Izmir myself. I am a Structural Designer by profession and hope to land a job, not necessarily as a drafter/designer but probably something that is suitable for my age. I have done freelance proofreading in both Malay and English languages, and translations for companies and a TV station called ASTRO before. So, please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any vacancies or job opportunities. Truly appreciate your time and attention to read my post over here. Thank you!

Hello Noorhayati,

Welcome on board !

You have an array of skills that could lead to employment, however we ( do not provide any jobs, only information.

I would suggest that you read the Living in Turkey guide for expats, in particular articles about work and create your CV in the Jobs in Turkey section for better exposure.

All the best


@Bhavna Hi dear! Thanks a million for your quick reply and suggestions. I will look into it and do the necessary. 1f618.svg

Hello i am Dancan Ochieng Kenyan Citizen by birth i am Health information officer interested to move to turkey in the next 9months for work.

@Julien Hello team i am Dancan Ochieng Kenyan citizen by birth am a new member of Turkey forum interested in moving to Turkey

@farisoy2023  Hello Furkan , i am not yet in Turkey but will be traveling there soon ,once in Turkey at some point will have to have heart surgery and so would appreciate if you could recommend the best private cardiac hospital in Turkey.     regards    keith

Hello 88al41,

Welcome on board !

Please open a new thread on the Turkey forum so that members already there might guide you.

There is more chances that you benefit from suggestions on the main forum rather than the introduction thread.

All the best


hello I'm Angie and I join today. I'm still in Liberia but hoping to relocate to Turkey soon.