i am also new here and we just move to Turkey. we want to learn Turkish Language. Can anyone tell us how and from where???? thanks


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The Classes section (Language classes) in the Turkey classifieds. You can post an advert there. :)

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well, my idea you should go turkish course! ı am goıng there lıke 5 month and i think it is best way :) For sure you can try to learn  yourself , using web-sites but it is a liitle bit diffirunt i think it*s better have a teacher who w'll push you all time :)-if you need any information about course- write me!
Good luck

I would recommend you to study Turkish language from Dilmer Language Institute. They have a branch in Taksim(Not too far from your home)

Its not that cheap though. You'll be spending around 400Euro for each level. (2 levels are enough to speak unless you need to study in Turkish language)

Good luck & enjoy your stay in Istanbul.

Gule gule   in istanbul / bakırkoy

I've been studying Turkish at Tomer (in Izmir though) but it is a very nice institute affiliated with Ankara university. At the end of every level (which consists of 4 months) they give you a certificate from Ankara university.