( VOLT WOOD inc- Istanbul, Turkey ) Oil and Gas Division

My name is Loganathan, I recently received a job offer from a company called ( VOLT WOOD inc- Istanbul, Turkey ) Oil and Gas Division. With details as follows:

Dear Candidate,

-We got your reference from MONSTER JOB SEEKERS SITES Database for available Job Openings in our Company ( VOLT WOOD inc- Istanbul, Turkey ) Oil and Gas Division that suits your profile, if you are interested please reply us with your latest updated Resume/CV ASAP to apply for the position.

Hence we request you to email your answer for this online questionnaire to us directly for further perusal and authentication, kindly supply the correct answers to the Questionnaire below and send it along with an updated copy of your CV/Resume directly back to us here which is our recruiter's department:

1.  Full Name: 
2.  Date of Birth:
3.  Marital status and no. dependents of the candidate:
4.  Nationality:
5.  Total years of experience:
6.  Direct Contact Number:
7.  Permanent Mailing Address:
8.  Current Location:
9.  More Details
10. Three Positions you Target with us?:
11. Notice Period/ How soon can you Relocate?:
12. Current Monthly Salary in US Dollars Equivalent?:
13. Expected Salary in US Dollars Equivalent?:

Thank you for making out time to fill out the Online Interview Questioner.

Your application will be evaluated on the basis of the answers from this Questionnaire alongside your CV/Resume and you will surely be notified upon review of your whole submitted information.



Barbaros Blvd No:169
Istanbul- Turkey
Email: [email protected]

Istanbul Turkey

To start the visa process. It sounds like a scam to me. Does anyone have any advice?

Many thanks for any input



They are cheater...same happen with me.
Be aware...they are fake and at later stage...they ll demand processing fee etc

Website created Jan this year
Site using stolen images and text from other sites

Better than average chance it's a scam

Seems this has already been busted


I wish I saw this before. It is fraud and I transferred money to that guy. He first asked for visa fees through a company named ExpatConet and I sent to him. Then he faked an account for the ministry of interior and asked for money. I also sent to to him. He asked me to transfer to names Alex Leo and Recep Ayvaz. And then he wanted me to transfer money to transfer money for bank named Vakifbank. From his last email he sent an email from ([email protected]). and from this email has has a linked in account https://www.linkedin.com/in/volkaneruya … e-section.
It turned out he is a guy named ((((Volkan Eruyandı)))) that works at a Vakifbank.
If I am guessing right that is the name of the theif.

Guesses are commonly wrong as the thieves use names of real people to make their scams look better.
The man you mention could well be totally innocent, and actually a victim as the scammers could well have stolen his name.

A scambusting lesson

If there's a gmail, hotmail, or other free email service used, think it's likely to be a scam

Google the company name. Real companies get mentioned all over the internet so, if nothing but their site comes up, fair chance it's dodgy

Put their domain into whois and see what comes back

There's a lot more, but those three are a good start

habib, vakıfbank's mails are [email protected], not [email protected], how comes you could have not recognised this..

Borraro wrote:

habib, vakıfbank's mails are [email protected], not [email protected], how comes you could have not recognised this..

Critical thinking skills are not imparted to students in many countries' education systems.  That sad hole leaves people open to scammers.

actually, scammers find "openings" for fishing..

Borraro wrote:

actually, scammers find "openings" for fishing..

But well educated fish know to avoid the bait.

yes of course, that's why i called it "opening" targeting less educated ones..

Hey guys ,

Well , i researched for this Voltwood company , which i received the first email which was the same as @loganveera where they requested for information about me. So i searched the company where i found such topics , so in this time i was already done of sending the information where also i did not pay attension of the email address sent me the email(which was gmail and not company email). So i forwarded the email to [email protected] , [email protected] , [email protected] , [email protected] (which is already mentioned in the website) ,  also called the number (+90) 555 023 45 63 and the reception which was an HR Officer answered me and i asked him to verify the email sent to me and he said the email sent if not accurate/real unless you received an official email from the official company email Now after almost 1 week , i received an email of APPOINTMENT LETTER (SOFT COPY) which also mentioned a huge salary package which made me really think twice.

So after that , i searched the company deeply , where i found the following:
1- The IP location boucing from:    United States     New Jersey    Secaucus
2- Domain created since 17/01/2019 and valid till 17/01/2020 (which means 1 year only)
3- Location of the domain (where it was created): P.O. Box 0823-03411, Panama Panama PA (somewhere in spain i think)
4- Some other expats highlighted that the website is created newly and with free photos where we can see it in some online website builders.
6- Domain name was purchased from (https://www.namecheap.com)
7- Domain name (Website) had globe 2,562,832 visitor since it was created.
8- Domain of transitioning [email protected] which is located in CANADA.

Finally , the last email received was under the subject of (Resident/Work Permit Visa) where they were asking for:


You also have to pay the prerequisite processing fee as stated in the
attached invoice. Once payment is completed kindly scan the bank
transfer receipt as evidence of remittance, so that we can proceed
immediately with the issuance of your work/residence permit visa within
three working days and also secure your job position, accordingly.

Where the invoice was 1880.00$ for single application and 2795.00$ for Family Application.

In General , be aware of such scams , whenever a company wants you because they liked your skills or they saw that you have valuable information, experience & knowledge , they will request you and offer you as well to join them , and they will never ask for any payment , where they will process everything.

The reason i raised this topic is to raise the awareness of the people on this subject. Where i believe lots of people were victims.
God bless you all.

those are misleading, anybody can have any domain name from any authorisied domain name provider and can locate the domain on any server over the world, mail server as well. this is not a proof that the company is fake.
mostly, the address is fake, where forigners can not distinguish easyly.
also, if the phone number area code is 5xx after the country code 90, it means that it is a gsm line which is an idicator that the company may be fake, who works without a fixed-line telephone number.
it is very good determination that no company wants you to send money to employ you. this is the critical point where people pay attantion, who are even not applicants. how comes they believe this? and, we dont need such forums to clarify this, just should search the net for the company name and get results about complaints if there is any. simple..