Hi, my name is Jeanette, open voor connections

Hello, My name is Jeanette, I am Dutch, an account holder here for a while, but never quite done much with it, mainly because of the many fake profiles. But let's give it a try.

I travel the world since I was 17, but always with a home to return to, since 2015 that home is no more. At the age of 54, I became what they call "A Digital Nomad". Probably the oldest one doing this kind of thing, especially traveling on a motorcycle.

I started my nomad life in The Philippines where I traveled through the country on a Kawasaki Dominar and a Yamaha. After nearly 4 years I left, had a flirt with Europe (Way too expensive 1f923.svg), and moved on to Mexico. (less expensive).

I ride a BMW 310 through this country (Cancun-La Paz) and have done over 30.000KM in nearly 4 years.

Currently, I live in a small village near La Paz, Baja California Sur, where I wait a while, for I have to do some paperwork and apply for my permanent Resdient Card.

I have 2 websites 1 in Dutch and 1 in English that provide me with an income. And I work as a consultant for those that want to move abroad.

Well, that is about it. Nice to meet you all.

Hola Jeanette.  I am Ian a Canadian currently in Lake Chapala area. If your coming down this way come visit us. My wife and I have a Casita that you may stay in and good wifi. 

Cheers i have a small u tube channel riding with the gringo and a FB añd website dealing with relocation services.  Cheers. Ian

@JCfromHolland hi, where do you stay as you travel on your motorcycle?  Do you find a new place to stay each day?



I am interested in Lake Chapala but hope to look at places to keep a horse when I move down. Can you give any advice on that subject?

There are places available, some are a bit pricey. Do want board your horse or live in place?  What is your budget and what will you need house wise?

Cheers my number is 238 168 4597.   Whasapp me be easier.  Ian

@jsalday   do you want to rent or buy?  I have an amazing home with two large bodegas and 9200 mt sq  nearly a hectare.  It's near the Lake and only 10 km from Chapala.  It is undervalued at 5.000.000 p

All fenced and totally beautiful..? 

Cheers let me know on Whasapp

And hello Jeanette!!i am European too, French and I am a consultant too, but in Ensenada BCN. I am actually a house hunter (not a realtor) , so people contrat me to do all the search for them,rent or buy. Too many frauds online,targetting foreigners of course. It helps of course to speak Spanish, as many realtors/home owners do not speak English.I bet you speak Spanish too Jeanette and mucho gusto!!!


OK Jeanette,

If I move from Canada to Panama or Costa Rica, I will not be taxed on income made outside the country. I only have investment income,, no earned income as I don't work, where do I park my investment money so that it is safe and not taxed. Pension income will be taxed in Canada but not in Panama or Costa Rica. A good answer and maybe we can work together. mrp