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Nanny / Domestic helper
Danvast Career Search
Fixed-term contract
Added on 04/12/2023
USD 500
Everything you need to know to work in Manila
The work culture in Manila
When deciding to work in Manila as an expat, it is crucial to know and understand the proper work etiquette. What you are probably used to in your home country isn't necessarily acceptable in this city. Over-emphasis on staff birthday celebrations, a family-type environment in the workplace, referring to people as Mam/ Sir non-stop, and dressing less formally to beat the heat may surprise even the most seasoned expat. Here are some tips for adapting to your new work environment in Manila.
The labour market in Manila
The Philippines is among Asia's premier labor markets. Many aspiring expats are choosing Manila as their ideal foreign destination to live and work in for several great reasons. The economy is growing and is expected to keep on thriving in the coming years.
Setting up a business in the Philippines
In recent years, the Philippines has emerged as one of the fastest-growing economies in Southeast Asia, attracting both local and foreign entrepreneurs seeking to capitalize on its vast potential. Boasting a dynamic market, a young and vibrant workforce, and a government committed to fostering business growth, the Philippines presents an exciting landscape for those with the vision and determination to start their own ventures.
Work in Manila
Manila, also referred to as the National Capital Region, is the capital city of the Philippines and the country's economic heart. This bustling city proved to be very welcoming toward both foreigners and expats. Many exciting careers await you in Manila if you know where to look. But, it is crucial to be aware of the local labour market conditions and laws before finally deciding to relocate to Manila.
Work in the Philippines
With its thriving business sectors, skilled workforce, and a government committed to enhancing employment opportunities, the Philippines offers an array of possibilities across various industries. From bustling metropolitan cities to emerging tech hubs, this country is brimming with potential for foreign professionals with the right skills, mindset, and determination.
Internship in the Philippines
Nowadays, globalization has a particular meaning for young professionals who are about to complete their higher studies. Acquiring foreign skills abroad through an internship (most commonly known as on-the-job training or OJT) is often part of this process. So if you have chosen the Philippines, you are likely to discover a dynamic country, both in economic and demographic terms, as well as a different lifestyle that can definitely enhance your personal experience, as well as your resume.
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