Could you help me? I am looking for jobs

Hi everyone,

I am a vietnamese. I have just finished an English course in Manila. I realy want to work in Philippines.

I have finished my graduation in information technology and I got Engineer Degree in this field. And have over one year of experience in technical management and professional  customer service and sale-man in Vietnam.

Coud you help me finding a job in Philippines please?

Thank in advance.

Hi. I am a local. Not sure what specific job you are looking for but if you need a job here asap, i suggest you apply at bpo/call center companies that offer good salary for bilingual agents. Some have vietnamese, thai, etc. accounts here in manila.

Thank you, Chris-An

I am applying for some call center and BPO. But this time is preparing for christmas vocation, so i think it's more difficult to looking for a job.

Not really. Most bpo companies here do give a one day process for applicants. Since its the holiday season, most of them interview applicants a month before the actual start date of training so applicants that get interviewed and passed on December gets a start date of January. I will send you links of possible jobs you can apply when i find one :)

Thank you for proving me some useful information Chris-An. I received a call from SYKES. They are considering my profile and if they accept me as a staff they will pay for me 32k-35k Peso. It Is good or average salary? If you have any other link, please send to me.Thanh you very much!

Yes. That is good average salary here if you're single and have no family to support here. Will keep you posted if i find other potential jobs for you. Goodluck in working here. :)

Thank you so much,if you have a good information, don't forget me. :)
Best regards.

Just be careful of those who says we give you job, salary, bonus, etc... and finally you have to pay a couple of thousands pesos before realizing that you are just a marketer and you will gain only if you sell or bring other employees like yourself!!!....Ask before hand about your base salary(Min regular contract is around 12,000 peso). Also you may need AEP, Alien Employment Permit, from department of labor. Not sure about vietnamees, but mostly applies for any aliens. BTW, I assume you have already settled your visa!
Good Luck.

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Hi are you still looking for a job?

Hi hkushibiki,

Do you have any job offer? Feel free to post them in the Jobs in Manila section, according to the categories, this might be of great help for job seekers. Thank you! :)



Hi guys,

We are currently looking for JAPANESE CHAT Agents! If you can communicate and understand Japanese (Keigo) and English, you are welcome to apply. We offer a competitive salary package. If anyone of you guys are interested, please feel free to send us a reply with your contact number and email address.



Hi, I just saw ur post that u helped someone to find a job in philippine. I am looking for job in philippine. I have worked in Makati for teo months.. I am experienced professional of 6 years in healthcare US RCM... I apprecuate if u can help me on this

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