Jobs for Indians in Philippines (Manila)

Hi. I am an Indian who have completed Masters degree in Electronics and Communication (Signal Processing and Embedded Systems). I have also completed my UG in Electrical and Electronics.

Currently I am working in an IT firm.

I would like to know the job opportunity for an Indian with my background.

I need to get a job there at the earliest.

My GF is from Philippines. I want to know if i can become tutor in Engineering College or an IT (Non- BPO) job there..

Hi masterappu,

Please have a look at our guide > Work in Manila which will give you an idea.

You can also post an advert in our IT & Telecommunications jobs in Manila

Thank you


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philippines is really nice place but pleaseee be carefull before fall in love with any filipina.

What happened.. Can you message me your number so i can call

ndoshani --- hey. any problem encountered before? but remember not all filipina are the same :)

i'm a filipina and yeah i agree with you on that...

Hey what happen to ur Philippines plan. Plz reply or call me

ndoshani :

philippines is really nice place but pleaseee be carefull before fall in love with any filipina.

Looks like you have a bad experience with Filipina. Not all are the same though. I also have a bad exp with Indian.

Hi masterappu. It is hard to find a job for Indian expats here in Phl. They want someone who is either here for a face to face interview or someone with a work visa ready. However, as per the requirements for work visa, you must have an offer letter from your employer. Which means, it is hard either way. I know some Indians working here but they were sent by their companies to relocate.

Hi masterrappu,

You can seek help from recruitment firms for job opportunities here in the Philippines who cater to expats. I'm sure there are recruitment firms in the Philippines who offer recruitment services for expats.


You have a good opportunity in the Phils my friend. But first you need to marry first you GF. People will welcome you as family once you get marry with local.

If you came here just for job opportunity, co workers will tends to envy since you will take one job opportunity from the local.

Iam indian iam in manila .searching a job for hindi language. or English. .or any management company. ...Anybody can help .......

Amdocs is an IT company with mostly Indian employees. It has its office in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig which is near the Makati Central business district. Not sure where to find their job openings however. I've worked with a couple of Indians as Amdocs was one of our company's vendors at that time, and they shuffle to India and Manila with their families. You may take a look at their website or online job portals for career opportunities.

Looking for a job in philippines. I'm indian

Hello everyone,

Please refer to the Jobs in Philippines section by adding an advert if you are looking for a job.

You may also through the articles in the Work in the Philippines section of the expat guide to gather as much infos possible.

All the best,
Bhavna name is parth.i am live in India. I am computer engineer. I have good knowledge in PHP programming and i want job in Philippines.

Why is that ?
Why take a job from a Filipino ?

That was a strange reply as the question was totally different. Any how the reason may be the same as why Filipinas and Filpinos work in other countries. I guess that you dont mean that it is ok for Filipinos to take work from other countrymen but it is not ok the other way?

Can I helps many Indians

I want Philippines jobs plz help any guys....

Hello Mohamed,

And welcome on the forum :)

I invite you to going on the section of the new members to introduce you.

You can refer to the Jobs in Philippines section by adding an advert if you want looking for a job.

Good continuation,

Animator Philippines Forum

Dear I want ur help I must want Philippines job u can dear pls help me

Hello dear I want Philippines job plz help me. I waiting ur reply

I completed system hardware and networking course......

Then dear my GF also here Philippines then plz help me u can dear what should I do?

Hello Frnd
I want Philippines job because my GF from Philippines she is wait for me.i completed hardware and networking pls help.

Hello are u at Philippines....

Hello Everyone

HR Professional (MBA) with 3 yrs of experience, currently working as PROJECT MANAGER in India will like to know if there is any opportunity for me in Philippines.

Already visited Philippines 4-5 times as a tourist and know broken tagalog. From last 9 years in relation with Filipina and therefore will like to relocate to Philippines.

Thank you

No jobs and no women in India? WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot?

I scratch my head on this subject.  Unless you have some very special skills which are in demand ( in the medical field for example), why does any foreigner want to come to the Philippines and take a job from a Filipino?   I can appreciate the fact that there are  hundreds of thousands of Filipinos working in The United Kingdom,  Australia, Canada, USA. and Dubai for example,  but that is simply because  the jobs they fulfil in these countries cannot  be filled locally.   It is as simple as that.   I have acquaintances at home who are more than satisfied with the work ethics of their hired Filipina.   They could not find a local to care for their aging mother.
Even so, there is still high unemployment here in the Philippines.   For example,  many students here in the Philippines graduate from a Hotel and Restaurant  Management  program and due to the numbers, can only find jobs as a waitress in  restaurant in some less than desireable hotel.   Because there are so many students chasing after these jobs, the restaurant can ask for and get over qualified graduate students for these positions.   
So, unless you simply want to raise a couple of pigs in your backyard, why move here unless you are supporting yourself  with foreign income and thereby contributing to the local economy?

i know some indian friends that work in infosys in bgc. you may check their website if they have opening there. if you have years of experience in bpo, you may relocate to philippines since most of the top management level are held by Indians.

Hi..i live in india. I am computer engineer and i want job in Philippines. Can u help me plzz


Im from India and want to work in Philippine as a store officer in construction line.i have already 3 years experience in Dubai in same field so please advice and do needful   

thanks & regards

Seems to be a lot of Indians who want to work in the Philippines.

Unless you possess some special skills that may be described as a 'shortage' here in the Philippines, there is otherwise  very limited opportunity for employment in the Philippines.
Check around for better employment opportunities in some 'oil rich' countries located in the Middle East.

Hey Bob I agree with you for the fact Philippines employment rate is not good and why the hell some indians looking for a job in a country like Philippines. I am an indian and staying in manila for about 13 years . Based on my experience mostly its because they are involved with a filipino lady ,a Gf , that's all about it. Otherwise they would choose to rather work in a first world country instead.

Bob, No need to scratch your head or bang it. its just that Indian guys like Filipino ladies and for that reason they want to work in Philippines. moreover Indians are not taking jobs of Filipinos , mostly Indians working here either got transferred from india cos they are higher positions probably trainers or managers (or) they are working as Bilingual Hindi speaker/translator which is certainly exclusively for native Indians.

Musby .... Thanks for the few in-depth details and explanations about foreigners looking for work in the Philippines.   I agree with your comments and I wish 'good luck' any foreigner  arriving here in the Philippines to meet his sweetie ....

Hi Master

I Want Work In Manlia Philippines Request You Please Provide Job.

Best Regards
Hardik Vora

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