The Working Holiday Visa for Argentina

Updated 2022-10-09 14:24

Do you dream of gaining work experience in Argentina while having enough time to enjoy a variety of unique and exceptional experiences, such as visiting the beautiful and blessed vineyards of the Andes, the breathtaking landscapes of Patagonia, and maybe even learning to dance the Argentine Tango in the bustling city of Buenos Aires? Well, the Working Holiday Visa (WHV) program could allow you to do just that. In the following article, we will outline all the steps you need to take to move to Argentina on a Working Holiday Visa.

Argentina is the perfect introduction to South America. Bordering Bolivia, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil, Argentina is ideal for Spanish speakers and those who wish to practice their Spanish and offers incredible road trip opportunities across this beautiful continent!

What are the requirements for obtaining a Working Holiday Visa for Argentina?

Thousands of young people around the world dream of working in a foreign country. Every year, Argentina welcomes students looking for work experience in Latin America. This is possible thanks to the Working Holiday Program (WHV), which allows you to work in Argentina for a whole year.

Of course, there are certain formalities to fulfill, as follows:

1. Your age

When applying for the WHV in Argentina, it is essential that you are aged between 18 and 30 years, unless you are French! Indeed, for most other eligible nationalities, the WHV is not eligible after candidates turn 30. So, if you are French, you must not have turned 36 when applying. But if you are from any other eligible country, you have until the eve of your 31st birthday to apply!

2. Your nationality

Currently, Argentina only has WHV agreements with the following countries: Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal and Sweden.

You will therefore need to be a citizen of one of these countries for your application to be accepted by the "Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, Comercio Internacional y Culto".

3. Having a valid passport

Firstly, you must have a valid passport at the time of application and for the duration of your stay in Argentina. Your passport should, of course, have been issued in one of the countries that have signed the work permit agreement.

At the time of application, your passport must have a minimum of two blank pages so that the Argentinean Consulate can put the WHV visa on it.

Good to know:

In case you misplace your passport between the time you receive your WHV and the day you are due to leave, you must notify the Argentine authorities. It is also possible that the Argentine Consulate will not be able to reissue your permit. So do your best to keep your passport safe once you have received your Working Holiday Visa.

4. The time frame for traveling to Argentina

You will have three months to travel to Argentina once you have received your visa. You will then be able to work and travel anywhere in the country for one year.

5. First-time participation

It is essential that this is your very first application for a WHV in Argentina. The Argentine government only allows one participation. However, this rule does not apply to those who have already participated in WHV in other countries.

6. Having sufficient funds

Having savings is an essential requirement for going on a WHV in Argentina (or any other country, for that matter!). You will need to prove that you have at least 2,500 euros, or approximately 328,750 Argentine pesos (exchange rate as of June 2022), to support yourself during your stay.

Although you are going to Argentina to work, it is important that you can prove that you can support yourself as soon as you start your stay. For this reason, proof of funds should be included with your application. Two types of proof will be accepted — bank statements from your bank account for the last three months or an original bank statement signed by your bank.

7. Having a clean criminal record

You will also need to provide an extract from your criminal record that is less than three months old, showing that you have no previous criminal record. The application can be made on the website of the Ministry of Justice. Note that you don't need to have a criminal record in your country of birth or abroad.

8. Having a health insurance policy

It is essential to take out health insurance before you leave, even if you intend to spend less than a year in Argentina. After all, you never know what can happen in life, and you don't want to find yourself in a foreign country with a huge hospital bill. Your insurance should cover illness, possible hospitalization, repatriation, and even maternity for ladies. Proof of insurance should be provided with your WHV application.

Of course, during the initial submission of your application, it is possible to provide a quote from the insurance company you have chosen. But when you submit all your original papers, you must have taken out this insurance and proven it with an official document that explains your insurance policy in detail.

Your insurance policy must be valid for one year, even if you intend to spend less than twelve months in Argentina. When taking out this medical insurance, you will get the chance to decide the date from which your policy should start and, therefore, the date on which it will end.

9. The quota per country

The WHV program has a set quota per country, which is reset on January 1st of every year. It is delivered on a first come, first served basis, so don't wait too long to apply. Although few people are left on the sidelines, applying at the end of the year is not advisable. To be sure of being among the first, it is best to apply in January, or at the earliest, during the first few months of the year.

Here is the number of available places per country:

  • Australia – 2450 places per year
  • Denmark – 900 places per year
  • France – 1000 places per year
  • Germany – Unlimited number of places per year
  • Ireland – 200 places per year
  • Japan – 200 places per year
  • Netherlands – 100 places per year
  • New Zealand - 1000 places per year
  • Norway – 300 places per year
  • Poland – 400 places per year
  • Portugal – 100 places per year
  • Sweden - Unlimited number of places per year

10. Buying a plane ticket

In addition to the savings you will need to support yourself while in Argentina, it is important that you can show that you can afford a return air ticket. If you are still unsure of your return date, you will need to show that you can afford a single ticket and then a return ticket at a later date of your choice.


The WHV does not allow you to come to Argentina with a child or other dependant. If you wish to come to Argentina on a WHV with a companion, they will also need to apply separately, considering all the above conditions.

How to apply for a Working Holiday Visa for Argentina?

The application for the WHV in Argentina is quite simple to complete. You must apply between 30 and 90 days before your intended departure date to Argentina. Note that you cannot apply for a WHV in Argentina more than 3 months in advance and that permits are issued to applicants throughout the year, in stages, according to the applicants' departure dates.

The good news is that the formalities can be completed for free.

To get started, head to the Argentinian consulate in your country with the following documents:

  • Your passport (with at least 2 blank pages)
  • An up-to-date passport-size photo
  • A completed application form
  • A cover letter explaining why you have chosen Argentina as your WHV destination
  • An insurance quote or policy booking
  • A medical certificate (You must provide a medical certificate stating that you are in good health and safe for the country. )
  • Proof of income (savings etc.)
  • An extract from your criminal record

Good to know:

It was stated in July 2018 that it is no longer compulsory to present a return ticket — a single ticket will be acceptable, provided you undertake to always have the financial means to purchase a return ticket.

It is also worth noting that in the initial phase of your WHV application, you will need to provide photocopies of all the above documents (these must be not less than three months old). During the second phase of the application process, you will need to provide all the documents in their original formats and proof of purchase of air tickets to Argentina.

Things to consider before moving to Argentina

Now that you have received your working holiday permit, here are some things to consider before you leave for Argentina:

Budget and cost of living in Argentina

Here is a table that will give you an idea of the cost of living in Argentina - (source Numbeo; as of June 2022):

Currency: US Dollars (USD)


1-bedroom flat (in the city center)


1-bedroom flat (outside the city center)


3-bedroom flat (city center)


3-bedroom flat (outside the city center)



Water, electricity, air conditioning, heating, waste collection for an 85m² apartment


Internet (60 Mbps or more, ADSL/cable, unlimited data)



1 ticket (one way) for local transport


Monthly pass for local transport



Rice (1 kg)


Milk (1 L)


12 eggs (normal size)


Bread (500 g)


Chicken (1 kg)


Red meat (1 kg)


Oranges (1 kg)


Bananas (1 kg)


Apples (1 kg)


Potatoes (1 kg)


Onions (1 kg)


Water (1.5 L)


Wine (mid-range bottle)


Local beer (0.5 L)


Imported beer (0.33 L)


Cigarettes (pack of 20)



Movie theatre - 1 seat


Sports club - monthly cost for 1 person


Finding temporary accommodation in Argentina

Where will you stay when you're in Argentina? The good news is that there are plenty of housing options available to you. To save money, consider hostels, flat shares, Couchsurfing, small makeshift hotels, or even a converted van for those who want to take a road trip!

It all depends on what you plan to do when you get to the country, how much you want to spend on accommodation in Argentina, and what you want to do.

The Helpx and Airbnb networks still have some great options that might even surprise you!

Luggage and equipment in Argentina

You'll find a variety of climates and altitudes when you arrive in Argentina. So remember to research the seasons and places you'll be visiting before you pack.

Practical tip: a backpack and walking shoes will always come in handy, whatever the time of year.

Working/volunteering in Argentina

Most working holiday permit holders rarely go to Argentina for work but instead use the opportunity to volunteer to experience local life while keeping costs down.

Whatever your plans, you can find work and volunteering options on the Workaway, Helpx and Wwoofing networks.

Steps to take upon arriving in Argentina

Getting your CUIL in Argentina

Whatever you do when you arrive in Argentina, obtaining your CUIL should be at the top of your to-do list. The CUIL is a worker's number that is required to work in the country. It will also be required during your application process. It is, therefore, recommended that you take care of this as soon as possible!

To do this, go to an ANSES agency with your passport in your possession and be patient! Don't forget to bring the address of your home, even if it is only temporary, as you will be asked for it when you obtain the CUIL.

Getting a SIM card in Argentina

It makes sense! You want to be reachable when you're there. Online shops offer multiple options and different prices for sending a SIM card to your home in Argentina.

Opening a bank account in Argentina

In order not to carry around cash, opening a bank in Argentina account will help. It is easy to do: go to a branch of the bank of your choice with your CUIL and your passport. You can also ask for a "caja de ahorros gratuita" from the person in charge of the reception, and they will give you forms to fill in.

Good to know:

The WHV allows you to enter and leave Argentina as many times as you like for a period of 12 months once it has been validated by the customs service on arrival in the country. The WHV also allows you to work for several employers.

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