Student life in Los Angeles

student life
Updated 2021-07-30 14:03

Like every other resident, students in Los Angeles cannot escape the glitz, cinema, and high living costs that characterise the city. However, there's more to life in L.A as a student than that. Read on to find out all you can expect from life in L.A as an international student.

Student accommodation in Los Angeles

Most universities in Los Angeles are like homogeneous mini towns, filled with basic amenities that support life in a community. Campus hostels and apartments offer students cost-effective accommodation options. These living spaces are usually shared between two or more students who divide the rent equally among themselves. Because of their relatively lower rate, the hostels are usually scooped up quickly by students who work out their applications early enough.

On average, a single student pays $500-$800 per month for accommodation in these hostel types. However, on some campuses like that of UCLA, housing units are only available for single students, and they cost a lot more. Without sharing the cost of the unit with anyone, students pay an average of $1,200/mo for these types of housing units. The average cost of house and board on a UCLA campus is estimated at around $16,600 a year.

Off-campus, there is a wide assortment of housing options around the campus area and across the city suitable for students. They cost higher than campus units, though the cost mostly depends on the neighbourhood. On average, a one-bedroom apartment in the city centre costs around

$2,200 per month (as of March 2021). A three-bedroom apartment, on the other hand, will average over $4,000 — but is much more affordable with roommates. Take utility bills into account as well — air conditioning is a notable expense.

Leisure plans in Los Angeles

Students are predisposed to curiosity, and LA is replete with amusement for the curious mind. There are nearly endless stretches of beaches, swathes of museums, entertainment houses, and hiking trails all across the city. No matter your personal preferences, hobbies, and budget, you will always have plenty of leisure outlets to choose from.

To spend time out with friends in social gatherings, you can opt for pub trivia, laser tags, drinking games, etc. To spend some personal time on your own, you can explore various hiking trails, massage houses, or movie couch locks.

The cost of living in Los Angeles

A student's living expenses mostly depend on their lifestyle. Students living together can raise a pool of resources to foot expenses to make the burden lighter for each individual compared to each one living on their own. On average, students can expect to spend $100 per week on meals (without too much eating out), $50 -$150 for transportation (depending on their location), and about $150 per semester for textbooks and school materials.

Students living on campus can also enroll in meal programs offered by their educational establishments. However, the average cost of such programs also tends to be on the rise. According to the most recent Hechinger Report (an independent non-profit organization that specializes in education reporting), the average cost of a meal plan in the United States is estimated at around $4,500 per year — with most schools offering even higher-priced packages.

Additional expenses may include the costs of laundry, entertainment, and eating out.

Students discounts in Los Angeles

A slew of establishments across LA offer various student discounts — thus, it's always a good idea to keep an eye out for promotions and deals. Some establishments and services offer a student discount on a permanent basis. Examples include:

You can walk in and brandish your student I.D in any of these outfits to qualify for a student discount. Examples include:

Amtrak: Students get 15% off their transport fares.

Greyhound: Students get a 20% discount on Greyhound bus fares.

National History Museum: students pay between $9-$19 instead of $12-$20 for an adventure at the National History Museum.

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