Houses in Mexico City
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As you get better acquainted with Mexico City, you will start to gravitate towards certain types of renting opportunities. It is important to have criteria that you are trying to approximate as not everyone is looking for the same sort of living situation. In any case, there are a number of things that you should consider before making your final decision regarding accommodation in Mexico City.

House hunting in Mexico City

A good way to go about looking for renting options in Mexico City is by simply walking around the areas that interest you with a pen and paper. There are all kinds of signs and flyers that you will come across and there is a good chance that you will be able to talk to someone right on the spot. If you are a student, you can check out bulletin boards that hang in common areas around campuses. Many options that you should check out are those that are available around universities. In the city, there are many more than you might think, and particularly if you’re on a tight budget of about $300 a month these areas are ripe with options.

Finding a place to live should be taken seriously. Make sure to look over each place that you look at thoroughly. Don’t go with the first one you like. Keep an eye out for things like mould and bugs like cockroaches and ticks. Keep in mind that although the weather is quite fair for most of the years, there is a long rainy season that can change everything. The last thing you want to do is to have to spend an indiscriminate amount of time dealing with unexpected complications.

For the most part, apartments are unfurnished, which many people avoid as this means that they don’t even come with a stove or refrigerator, but it’s really your call.

Highly sought after places are those that surround the illustrious historic downtown district. Although it's great to live in a place that is right near the action, you should take special precautions to avoid locations that border dangerous neighbourhoods like Tepito and

Flatsharing is very common in Mexico City, particularly among younger demographics. For many young people and students, the most common living situation is in a studio apartment, and this is very true for those who value being able to live alone without a roommate as they can be quite reasonably priced. Because of this, there are a lot of studio renting opportunities in the city, and you can find them all over. For this reason, it is quite common for people to move from one studio to the other, time and time again, be it because of lower rent or that they are looking for a change in environment or neighbourhood.

Rent prices in Mexico City

When you are talking about a one-bedroom apartment that’s away from the city centre, you can expect to pay a little over U$300 per month, and if you would like a place for your family with let’s say 3 members in an area that is centrally located or a hub like Del Valle, it would come out to about U$1,000 to U$1,300 per month.

For a two-bedroom apartment, be it classical or modern in style, in places like Coyoacan, Condesa and Roma, rent costs over U$2,000 a month. And in truly upscale areas like Polanco and Santa Fe they can be around U$4,000, particularly those that are near shopping areas.

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