Buying property in Doha
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Owning a property in Doha is one of the most crucial decisions any person could ever take. There are a lot of things to consider, especially financing. The best thing about Qatar is that the country is totally tax- free, making it comfortable for your budget. Below is a guide to help you understand how you can purchase a property as an expatriate.

Owning a property in Doha differs from other parts of the country and other Gulf countries. In contrast to South-East Asia, an expatriate can completely own a property in Qatar based on their salary and designated area. In short, you do not need to marry or be related to a local to be able to buy a house or an apartment in Doha.

Designated areas in Doha for buying a freehold property

Even though expatriates can purchase a property in Doha, it does not mean they can own anywhere they want. Qatar has specific areas where expatriates can own freehold property. These are The Pearl, West Bay and recently Lusail. The Pearl is an artificial islet with several luxury apartments. It is the Westerners’ and European’s first choice when it comes to accommodation because of the amazing view of the gulf sea and beautiful French architecture. West Bay lies in the heart of the city. Being the economic centre, the area is surrounded by tall buildings, classy malls and pubs. In other words, it is Qatar’s utopic community. And lastly, Lusail which is still under construction. However, there are elegant condominiums are starting to sell out. The community as a whole is looking forward to the end of the project as it was envisioned to be the new city centre of Doha; hence real estate companies plan to raise property prices by the year 2022.

Where to buy a leasehold property in Doha

Leasehold property is one of the options if you haven't decided whether to own personal property or to make an asset out of it. Expatriates are obliged to find a local sponsor before obtaining one until the sponsor agrees to transfer the entire property when the period of the tenure has been completed. In areas like Najma, Msheireb, Al Mansoura, Um Ghuwailina, Al Nasser, Al Salata, Al Dafna, Al Sadd, Al Qassar and other areas have properties to be most likely owned as a tenure property.

Budget required for becoming a homeowner in Doha

An expatriate looking to buy property in Doha must have a minimum salary of 15,000 QR. Some banks can help them obtain a loan, like Qatar National Bank and Doha Bank. In general, an expat can take a mortgage up to 4,000,000 QR which is payable for 20 years. The requirement is applicable to both prefabricated properties and leasehold properties. 

Both employed and self-employed individuals are required to obtain the minimum amount indicated. For the self-employed, a consistent minimum income must be deposited in their personal bank account. They also have to obtain a guarantor qualifying them for earning regular income.

Documents required for buying property in Doha

Expats in any type of employment must provide a Qatari ID, six months bank statement; a liability letter addressed to the bank where they applied the mortgage and a title deed. Self-employed individuals must provide their business registration number and down-payment as per seller’s requisition. A business statement of account must be declared within the full 12 months of income, as well as an audited financial statement for the last two years.

Property search in Doha

Qatar has recently recouped its real estate market after the unexpected challenges during the past years. More and more real estate properties are being built and sold internationally. Every year, Qatar holds the CITYSCAPE exhibition, an event that encourages investors to capitalise Qatar’s competitive real estate market. As mentioned above, Doha's real estate market is open to expats; hence buying a property won’t be as complicated as in other Gulf states. Indeed, the government is really looking forward to increasing numbers of real estate investments with the coming FIFA 2022.

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