How to develop a professional network in Porto

Developing a professional network in Porto
Updated 2023-11-12 07:56

To build a professional network in a foreign city, especially one such as Porto, which keeps growing and changing at a frantic pace, you will need to be one step ahead at all times. Be sure to create a LinkedIn profile if you haven't got one yet, or update your info as soon as possible before venturing into this new terrain.

Bilingual professional media in Porto

Depending on your area of expertise and the type of opportunities you are looking for in Porto, we would recommend keeping your LinkedIn profile and other professional social media pages bilingual (in both English and Portuguese) since not all companies will feel comfortable reading your background in a foreign language, and this may actually refrain people from interacting with you.

If you are a self-employed worker, be sure to develop business cards to share with people you meet along the way and invite them to be part of your professional social media every time you get the chance. Remember that in Portugal, people usually don't go straight to the business. That being said, business meetings often involve meeting people over a meal, so feel free to invite potential clients to a cup of coffee or a nice lunch/dinner to discuss details about your business and any further proposals.

Visit job agencies in Porto

Introduce yourself to people in different job agencies such as Egor, Randstad, Nortempo or ManPower.

When scheduling an appointment, try to meet with the agency's director since this is generally a much more efficient way to gain a useful contact or work opportunity. Meeting with any other team member could be a waste of your time, so be sure to email and call firsthand to book this meeting. You can use the same method to apply spontaneously to potential job openings in companies that fit your preferences and expectations, but be sure to do your homework before contacting them.

Go to events and fairs in Porto

Keep in mind that most professional contacts will appear organically in your way while you mingle in different events. Go to art galleries, Porto's major political events, inaugurations, etc. Be sure to check Porto's Employment Fair and take part in it, as well as other employment events that could be happening in the near future, even if these take place in neighboring cities or in the capital of Lisbon (Web Summit is the prime example). This is why we recommend keeping an eye out on the city's (and country's) newspapers and digital press to be informed about such events.

Join a group or community in Porto

Finally, look out for social media groups that focus on your area of study and expertise so that you can show who you are and your set of skills to the community. There is nothing better than having some real-time insight from someone in the same position – not to mention the opportunities that can come from having these valuable contacts.

Don't feel pressured to develop an extensive professional network in your first 2 or 3 months in town since you will need some time to warm up to Porto's many singular traits. Give it some time to warm up, and, once you notice it, you will be on fire!

We do our best to provide accurate and up to date information. However, if you have noticed any inaccuracies in this article, please let us know in the comments section below.