How to make new friends in Porto

Developing your social circle in Porto
Updated 2023-11-12 08:01

Like in many other places, you will need to take part in Porto's events and interact with those around you in your daily routines in order to meet new people and make some friends. However, the locals here are generally very laid-back and easy-going – friendly by nature – which is why building your social circle should not be as daunting of a task as it sounds!

Get a houseshare in Porto

Yes, living on your own (or with a partner) is great. But as an expat flying around the world, the easiest way to meet new people is by living with them! There are plenty of opportunities to rent a room around Porto, and it is a particularly good way of getting social as you also get used to a new city.

Plus, it will help you save some much-needed money, as rent prices in Porto are higher than ever!

Daily routine in Porto

As we mentioned above, use your daily routine as an opportunity to mingle with locals. For example, that grocery store next door or the local café can be the perfect place to get acquainted with your new neighbors. Plus, taking an interest in your coworkers or student colleagues can slowly take you into their social groups as well! Fortunately, people in Porto smile very easily toward foreigners, so starting a conversation is pretty straightforward. Knowing some Portuguese keywords might be of use in such circumstances.

Social media groups in Porto

In the era of social media, we would be lying if we said these tools don't have an impact when it comes to meeting people. You should make the most of your personal pages. Search for groups of expats living in Porto on Facebook (such as Porto Expats or Porto Internationals), and keep an eye out for Instagram accounts and/or websites sharing all the activities and latest events happening in the city, such as Time Out Porto or Portoalities!

Attend events in Porto

Though strikingly calm and unassuming, there's plenty going on under Porto's misty cloak. To make the most of the city's hustle and bustle, it's always a good idea to check for events taking place locally. If you're a certified foodie, then you're welcome to join one of the tours at Taste Porto, the city's longest-running food tour company, while Porto Walkers offers a plethora of pretty knowledgeable excursions through some of the city's most popular port wine cellars.

For something a bit more informal, it's always a good idea to check for concerts, plays and parties taking place in the city, as Porto always hosts some sort of premium event every single month. You may consult what's on at Agenda Cultural do Porto. Alternatively, don't forget to check out international websites like Eventbrite and MeetUp, where you are sure to find something catering to your interests.

Remember, these tips are meant to give you a small push in the right direction, and there are many other activities and places to visit in order to grow your social network. Use your best smile wherever you go, and we are sure it will come easy!

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