Living in the Cayman Islands guide for expats

All the information you need to relocate and live in the Cayman Islands.

About the Cayman Islands

The islands' climate is a tropical marine, and temperatures are between 30°C in the summer and 25°C in the winter. From May to October the weather is warm but rainy, and from November to April, hot and dry. The island is susceptible to storms and hurricanes.

George Town is the capital city of the Cayman Islands and is located on Grand Cayman. This is the commercial centre of the state, with banks, businesses, hotels, and government buildings located here. Every May the streets of Grand Cayman burst into life, as the famous Cayman Carnival Batabano takes place, with thousands of people gathering to watch the traditional Caribbean parade.

The Cayman Islands have one of the highest standards of living throughout the world and the highest in the Caribbean. The islands are tax havens, and more than 90,000 businesses are registered here. A luxury tourist destination, tourism is a lucrative business in the Cayman Islands, accounting for around 70% of its GDP. Jobs for expats are most likely to be found in either tourism or the financial sector.

Quick Information

Currency : Dollar
Area : 262 Km2
Population : 44270
Calling Code : ++1-345
Timezone : America/Cayman

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