Making the move to Cayman Islands with husband and baby

Hi Everyone,
My name is Alex, and we are from Australia.
My husband has been offered a job in Caymans which right now seems very scary but exciting!
We have a 1 year old and new puppy.
Can anyone tell me what it is like living on the Cayman Islands with Children?
Are there nanny services?
I am a midwife in Australia- and I'm unsure I will be qualified if I move over.
Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Where is good to live with kids!

Alex. The best thing you can do - and the first, actually - is check out all the posts in the Cayman section, then post relevant questions. There is nothing the least bit scary about moving to Cayman, even if you've never lived outside Melbourne before. It's a very civilised place, with a high standard of living. There are plenty of nannies available, and kindergartens for when your baby is older. (If you really don't know anybody living in Cayman, your old man has done well to land a job here without visiting. I'm guessing he's a lawyer with some connections here - is that right or wrong?)

I don't know about the midwifery business, but I don't expect you'll want to work right from the get-go. Plenty of time to check that out.


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Hi Alex!

I'm Whitney, for the midwifery job you would need to apply to the nursing council on island to get your registration here which is pretty straightforward, the fee for this is $1200 KYD. When are you looking to make the move if you have not done so already ?

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