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Located on the west of the Honshu Island Hiroshima is one of the most famous cities in Japan. It is, unfortunately, most well-known as one of the two cities struck by an atomic bomb in 1945, and the city’s history is something that draws people to it. Its history, however, is not all that Hiroshima has to offer, and the city has many appealing aspects (including sports, famous food and suburb natural scenery) that make many expatriates want to live and work there.

Hiroshima's economy

The economy of Hiroshima is at current thriving, thanks to a number of various sectors. As it is located along the coast one contributing factor to the city economy is its ports which transport many goods to other areas. Other industries that contribute to the economy are the automotive, steel, tourism, ships and transport machinery industries. In fact the city has many international and multinational companies located within, including the famous Mazda (automotive industry), Kure (an area that has many shipping companies) and more.

Job market in Hiroshima

For expatriates there are several fields of work that are available in Hiroshima, especially if you have the necessary skills and qualifications that are required. The main industry of work for foreign nationals is education and there are many teaching opportunities in this city. Opportunities range from teaching at pre-school age to teaching in Universities. There are also many Eikaiwas (English language schools) hiring in Hiroshima with various different companies located throughout the city. Teaching opportunities are not limited to English language only and there can also be jobs found teaching other languages such as French, Russian, Korean, Chinese and more.

Thanks to its tourist popularity there is also a demand for foreigners working in the tourist industry, providing English services or assistance. Areas of this industry that offer opportunities are hospitality establishments (hotels, hostels etc.), bars and restaurants, some retail establishments and occasionally work as a guide/working on tours is available too.

Another sector that is not uncommon for expatriates to find work in is the automotive sector. Provided you have the required skills, experience and qualifications a job in this field could be for you. World famous company Mazda in particular is known for hiring foreigners, with other companies following suit!

Job-hunting in Hiroshima

Hiroshima has many job opportunities to offer to expatriates. Job listings can be found on a number of job websites, online classifieds, and also on some company websites. Newspapers also often have job listings in the classified sections, so it is good to look there too. If none of these options are working for you there is also the option of using a hiring agency, which can help find you a job that fits your desires!

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