Accommodation in Oran

Accommodation in Oran
Updated 2015-04-15 07:56

Looking for accommodation in Oran? What about your budget? Find an overview of this city's rental market in this article.

Oran, which is one of the major Algerian cities, is very open towards expatriates. Besides career prospects it provides, Oran also hosts a range of accommodation options from which you can choose if you intend to settle there. In fact, the city is increasingly deemed to be a tourist center along with being the country's economic hub, also offering professional opportunities to foreign businessmen and investors.


Oran consists of 12 districts, namely El Hamri (1st), Hai Imam El-Houari, Es Saada, al-Maqarri, El Hamri (5th), El-Badr El-Seddikia, El-Menzeh, El-Amir, El-Othmania, Bouamama and Muhieddine. Some of these hold deep marks of the Algerian history.

Bir el-Djir, which is at 8 kilometers from the city center, is one of Oran's immediate outskirts. It hosts more than 115,000 inhabitants and is one of the major and most popular neighborhoods. In fact, you are likely to find many corporate offices, as well as significantly high institutions such as higher education institutes and the Court of Justice.

Es-Senia is another of Oran's main outskirts. It is deemed to be a student neighborhood as its hosts several academic institutions and research centers, as well as an international airport and industrial zones. Note that many foreigners have settled in these outskirts due to their proximity with their workplace.

Rent prices

Most of the housing units you will find in Oran are quite large, especially due to the population increase. Hence, these are appropriate for large families.

Rent prices for apartments and villas, for instance, range between 50,000 and 150,000 dinars per month. Note, however, that rent prices vary according to their neighborhoods or outskirt, the size of the property and the presence of furniture, etc.

Find accommodation

One of the easiest ways of finding accommodation in Oran is by browsing ads in local newspapers. You can also view offers on the specialized housing websites as well as on social networks and expatriate forums. Otherwise, you can register with a real estate agency which will take care of finding accommodation for you according to your criteria.

Finally, word-of-mouth can also be a useful search tool if you have contacts on the spot. These may communicate you addresses and tips, etc.

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