The best ice cream in Mauritius

Published on 2024-02-16 at 05:18 by Lila Chaleon*
Get ready to indulge in the island's coolest treats this summer! has curated a guide to the top ice cream spots, ensuring you stay cool despite the scorching heat.

Vona corona

An iconic establishment in Rose-Hill, Vona Corona boasts nearly a century of delighting locals with its scrumptious offerings. From its humble beginnings with just one ice cream machine, Vona Corona has become synonymous with relaxation on the Plaza lawn while savoring their creamy delights. Offering a straightforward selection of 1 to 4 flavors with optional toppings like jam and grated coconut, it's the perfect spot for those late-night cravings, staying open until 11 pm.


Tucked away in Port-Louis, Zorbetteria is a quaint gem serving up over 20 seasonal gelato flavors, free from artificial colors or preservatives. Renowned as one of the island's premier ice cream parlors, Zorbetteria tantalizes taste buds with authentic flavors like jamalak, avocado, and Chinese guava. For a unique twist, don't hesitate to drizzle a bit of tamarind sauce and chili salt on your cone, enhancing the experience in their cozy, authentic ambiance.

Mamma mia che gelato 

Founded by an Italian residing in Mauritius, Mamma mia che gelato has become a beloved chain for artisanal ice cream aficionados across the island. With branches in Port-Louis, Grand Baie La Croisette, and Quatre-Bornes, this chain offers a diverse array of flavors, ranging from traditional sorbets to innovative creations like Nutella and cheesecake. A must-visit for foodies seeking one-of-a-kind flavors!

Kristen's Ice Cream Mauritius 

Nestled near Trou aux Biches beach, Kristen's Ice Cream Mauritius exudes warmth and hospitality while boasting a distinctive flavor palette unmatched on the island. Handcrafted in their small kitchen using locally-sourced ingredients, each scoop at Kristen's is a testament to their dedication to quality. From classic favorites to sugar-free and vegan options, there's something to please every palate. Plus, with their delectable homemade cones and convenient seven-day-a-week hours from 10 am to 6 pm, Kristen's is always ready to satisfy your ice cream cravings, no matter the hour.