News highlights of the week: Château de Bel Ombre excels at the World Luxury Restaurant Awards

Expat news
Published on 2023-12-01 at 05:44
In Mauritius this week, Château de Bel Ombre has been honored with an award at the World Luxury Restaurant Awards. Additionally, the Bank of Mauritius has decided to maintain the key rate, and new regulations have been introduced regarding the organization of concerts.

Château de Bel Ombre excels at the World Luxury Restaurant Awards

Château de Bel Ombre in Mauritius has recently clinched three prestigious awards at the 2023 World Luxury Restaurant Awards, solidifying its position as a beacon of luxury dining. Renowned globally for its opulent ambiance, commitment to a local and sustainable approach, and regional gastronomic excellence, the château provides guests with a luxurious and eco-friendly experience. The restored château, dating back to 2017, collaborates closely with local farmers to offer sustainable culinary experiences that showcase the authentic flavors of Mauritius.

Bank of Mauritius maintains Key Repo Rate

The Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of Mauritius has decided to maintain the key rate at 4.5%. This decision, made during the last meeting of 2023, aligns with the prevailing trend among central banks globally to keep monetary policies unchanged, given the downward pressure on inflation. Notably, the Mauritian economy exhibited a growth of 6% in the second quarter of 2023, compared to 5.8% in the preceding quarter.

Introduction of new concert regulations

In a move to enhance public safety, the police have introduced new regulations for organizers of public gatherings, particularly concerts. These regulations include on-site inspections and the submission of recommendation reports to the Commissioner of Police. Key provisions involve ensuring adequate egress for traffic flow and access to essential services, conducting systematic searches on suspicious individuals, and mandatory collaboration with crowd-management security services. Surveillance cameras will be installed where necessary, and organizers must maintain detailed communication with the police throughout the event. Non-compliance may result in sanctions, emphasizing the need for organizers to attend a pre-event meeting at police headquarters to discuss organizational aspects and commit to security measures. Additionally, a thorough assessment of private security services' plans will be conducted to ensure police control in case of incidents.