A guide to trail running in Mauritius

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Published on 2023-03-17 at 06:00
In recent years, trail running has gained tremendous popularity in Mauritius. With its varied terrain and breathtaking scenery, Mauritius offers a unique and challenging trail running experience. Here is a selection of trail races not to be missed on the island.

Several trail races take place in Mauritius throughout the year, from short courses open to beginners to more complex courses requiring more experience. Here are some of the most popular trail races in Mauritius:

The Medine Trail

This trail event takes place this April 29th in the Médine domain in the southwest of the island. The courses offered for this race offer breathtaking views of the mountains of the southwest of the island, as well as the coast and the Indian Ocean. The Medine Trail also offers several race distances, ranging from 6 km to 55 km, to satisfy runners of all levels. Participants also have the opportunity to discover the local Mauritian culture while enjoying the natural beauty of the island. The Medine Trail is a popular running event for both local and international runners for its friendly atmosphere and scenic beauty.

The Moka Trail

Each year since 2013, the Moka Trail has attracted an average of 2,000 participants of all ages and abilities. As its name suggests, this trail race is located in Moka and takes place every year in October. 

The Moka Trail offers 4 different routes for different levels. One of 5 km, one of 7 km, one of 14 km, and one of 28 km. Enough to satisfy both beginners and veterans!

The Royal Raid 

The Royal Raid is probably the most important event in the runners' calendar, as it is the first trail race in the history of Mauritius. Since 2006, this trail allows you to discover the heart of the south of the island, offering a unique running experience. 

The race offers several different routes ranging from 10 km to 80 km, offering challenges for all levels of runners. Participants can expect steep trails, steep climbs, technical descents and river crossings, all set against a backdrop of lush jungle and white sand beaches. Runners are greeted with warmth and hospitality by the locals throughout the race, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and healthy competition. The Royal Raid is an unforgettable experience for trail running enthusiasts seeking a unique challenge in a spectacular setting.

The Dodo Trail 

This is one of the most popular trail races in Mauritius, expect to see a lot of people! The event offers three different courses, a 50km, a 25km and a 10km. The courses take runners through some of the most breathtaking scenery on the island, including the Black River Gorges National Park, and the Morne Peninsula. The race is known for its challenging terrain and technical sections. See you this Saturday, July 15 for this unmissable event among sportsmen!

The Ferney Trail

One of the oldest trail running events in Mauritius, the Ferney Trail is an annual running event that takes place in the Ferney Nature Reserve in the east of the island. This trail event known for its beautiful courses offers several race distances suitable for all levels of runners, ranging from 6 km to 50 km. 

Participants also have the opportunity to discover the fauna and flora of the nature reserve while participating in this sporting adventure. This year, this emblematic race takes place on September 9th.

Getting into trail running in Mauritius

In Mauritius, there is a real community of runners with a real passion for trail running. In addition to the races open to the public, there are several trail running clubs in Mauritius that regularly organize group races and training for upcoming events. These clubs offer an excellent opportunity for beginners to get into trail running and for experienced runners to improve their skills and meet like-minded people. Among others, the association Rando Trail & Nature (RTN) promotes trail running in Mauritius and Rodrigues and organizes regular trainings and races throughout the island. It is this organization that has set up the Mauritius Trail League, with a calendar of more than 12 races per year.

If you are planning to participate in a trail race in Mauritius, it is important to be prepared for the difficult terrain and the hot and humid weather. Be sure to bring the proper equipment and hydration and consider training on similar terrain before the race.