News at a glance: Reservoirs are looking good

Expat news
Published on 2023-02-10 at 08:19
Thanks to the heavy rains, two reservoirs are now 100% full. Also in the news, two Chagossians in the running for the Nobel Peace Prize and a drop in medicine prices.

Reservoirs exceed 50% of filling

Thanks to the recent rains, the reservoirs are now looking better. Two reservoirs, La Nicolière and Piton-du-Milieu, are 100% full. Mare-Longue is at 86.1%, Bagatelle 66.8%, Midlands Dam at 62.5%, Mare aux Vacoas at 62.2% and La Ferme at 53.6%. However, it should be noted that the overall water level is at 66.9% compared to 99.3% this time last year.

Olivier Bancoult and Liseby Elysée in the running for the Nobel Peace Prize

The Mouvement Pour la Paix de l'île de la Réunion and the Comité Solidarité Chagos de l'île de la Réunion have nominated Olivier Bancoult and Liseby Elysée. Olivier Bancoult is, as we recall, the president of the Chagos Refugee Group and has been leading the fight for the sovereignty of the exiled Chagossian people over the Chagos Archipelago for a long time. The territory is under the control of the United Kingdom and is occupied by the US military. As for Liseby Elysee, she gave an account of the expulsion of the Chagossian people more than 50 years ago at the United Nations.

Drop in the price of medicines

The price of medicines has been dropping in recent weeks. This decrease would be due to the cost of freight which is finally stabilizing since the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it could be short-lived since the exchange rate is rising.