Mr Love, the gentleman lover

Published on 2022-09-30 at 06:09
Ludovic Lamarque, also known as Mr Love, who is celebrating a rich 23 year career, is one of the most famous and appreciated artists of the island. Over the years, he has made a name for himself, first with System R and then as a solo artist. 23 years after his debut, he already has 10 albums to his credit.

Ludovic Lamarque made his debut within System R, a reggae and raggamuffin group- back in 1999. The boy band immediately gets the public hooked. The group released five albums, the last of which, Pou twa, in 2013 which features the now iconic song: "Touss Sali". This song has somehow allowed Ludovic Lamarque to stand out and is played everywhere whether in Mauritius or abroad. The members of System R then each started their solo career. The group has, however, announced that they might be working together again very soon.

In 2008, Ludovic Lamarque began his career as a radio host. His shows focusing on love and relationships are a hit. It is his audience that first nicknames him Mr Love. A nickname that will later become his artist name. 

Mr Love's first album "Soldat de L'amour" was a real success. And since then, his popularity has not stopped growing. He collaborates with several local singers and performs on stage throughout the island. He then released "Love Ambassador", "MR Love (Black Album)" and "POU TWA". He also performs on international stages in France, England, Switzerland, Italy, Australia, Canada and our neighbors in Reunion Island, where he is particularly appreciated.

In December 2021, his tenth album Dimensyon Lamour came out. An album, which should have been released in 2019, but was rescheduled following the lockdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. In the meantime, the singer has released two singles in the meantime. 

Mr. Love was the main composer of the majority of the 15 tracks on the album. He is the arranger of most of the tracks and mixes the track Kole Sere. On this album he also collaborates with other local artists, including The Prophecy on "Enn realite", a song composed with Murvin Clélie. He also collaborates with Alain Ramanisum's group Ravanna and Laura Beg, Caroline Jodun and Ludmilla Ono provide the backing vocals.

Ludovic Lamarque has also worked with the new generation of singers on the local scene. We find him featuring with Big Frankii and Natty Gong on the track "Mamacita". Not to mention a duet with the Nigerian singer Ric Hassani on the song "Falling in Luv".

Article translated from Mr Love, le gentleman lover