Jason Heerah, a fresh album

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Published on 2021-11-26 at 09:02 by Expat.com team
From the very first beat, Jason Heerah find his way into the hearts of Mauritians and Australians alike. First becoming known thanks to TV contest in Australia in 2004, this musician and singer has just released his new album entitled "La famille" with the group Otentik Groove. A treat for the ears...

Drummer, singer, composer, performer, he is a complete artist. After a few years of absence, Jason Heerah is back with a bang with an album that will undoubtedly touch his audience. 

Revealed in X-Factor in Australia

Jason Heerah was first revealed in 2004 during season 6 of the Australian TV talent show X-Factor. The jury members were under his spell. He passed the different stages of the competition successfully and found himself among the finalists for the live shows. Jason Heerah was supervised by Redfoo, the singer of the group LMFAO. The musician is ranked in the Top 6 of this competition. His talent was recognized by the jury who did not hesitate to call him the "best singing-drummer" in the world.

"Nou sime", the hit album

The Australian-Mauritian''s career then kicks-off with a first album in Australia. He then returned to Mauritius to conquer the Mauritian public. He collaborates with Zulu, whose reputation is well established, on the song Seggae paradise. The success of the duo is immediate. Jason Heerah performs on different stages to present his first album entitled Chasing love, an album in English.

Jason Heerah does not stop there. Three years later, in 2017, the artist launched the album Nou sime with the group Otentik Groove. The lyrics come from the heart and it is an immediate success. The Mauritians then discover Jason Heerah in Creole. The songs Leve, featuring Laura Beg, and Ki fer to pa le danse were on a loop on all the local radio stations. The album has strong reggae beats. His concerts and shows are full. 

"La famille", the last opus

The single Ingra in duet with Désiré François set the tone. Jason Heerah, once again, talks about life, about subjects that are touching. A month ago, the artist presented the song La famille, which is on the album of the same name.

For this album, Jason Heerah and the group Otentik Groove have collaborated with various local and international artists. They include foreign musicians such as Damon Grant and Aaron Mendoza from Melbourne; Kirk Bennett, Jason Welsh, Carol Bowie McLaughin and Shelton Garner from Jamaica. On the Mauritian side, Fabien Thomas, Vincent Calice and Joanna Gentil are part of this adventure.

The Seychellois singer Elijah also contributed with the song Papa, Mamma, while Fabien Cornelius and Nathaniel Willemse are the authors of Ress Vivan and Miss Hollywood.