Odysseo: A love affair with marine life

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Published on 2021-09-21 at 12:57 by Veedushi
If you are passionate about marine flora and fauna, living on an island is probably the best decision you have ever taken, but living in Mauritius is even better! The island is now home to the first oceanarium in the Indian Ocean. Officially open since early September, Odysseo is a real adventure in the region's biodiversity without even having you get wet.

The oceanarium was born from an initiative of Eclosia, one of the leading firms in Mauritius, valuing ecology, in collaboration with Coral Reef International. Odysseo, which is located at Les Salines, Port Louis, has already welcomed several hundred visitors. In recent weeks, the place has been fully booked. Mauritians and expatriates were many to explore its gems after learning about them in the media. Actually, nothing beats a visit to Odysseo.

Spanning an area of ​​5,500 square meters, Odysseo is home to 45 basins containing approximately 2 million litres of water. There are no less than 3,500 specimens of 200 aquatic species, some of which you may not even have imagined. The show is worthy of a Hollywood movie, suitable for all ages. Entering Odysseo is like getting immersed into undersea life without needing a mask or tuba.

Trained guides and marine biologists will accompany you throughout the visit to explain the peculiarities of each species and its environment. You will also find wall signs aimed at sensitising visitors to the importance of protecting marine resources. The small aquariums, some with portholes, will surprise you. You only need to get a little closer to contemplate the magnificent creatures roaming freely in a space that looks exactly like the region's marine ecosystem.

The different aquariums display a variety of fish of different sizes and colours, as well as invertebrate sea creatures. But the best part of the oceanarium is undoubtedly the tunnel through which you can contemplate the waltz of the sharks. This basin, which can also be observed from the top of a mini-amphitheatre, embodies the ruins of a ship. So just take a small pause and wait for the majestic arrival of the sharks along with other species.

And that's not all! If you are a fan of the famous movie "Jaws", expect a similar show, less scary though. It's almost like watching a movie from a cosy couch. You can contemplate the sharks, often in the company of divers, ensuring the maintenance of the basin. For a more calming atmosphere, linger in front of the splendid pool of jellyfish to enjoy their almost synchronised dance.

Odysseo's magic extends beyond the oceanarium. Outside there are pools with smaller sharks and stingrays. On top of it, creative and fun activities are available to children and students. If you are looking to enhance their experience, Vertigo is an interactive mat through which you will get to learn learn more about marine mammals, in addition to a projection.

Odysseo is a pleasant and magical experience not only for children and adults but also for students who want to learn more about the ocean's influence on humans and vice versa. Besides being a place of attraction, Odysseo is a platform for learning and sharing. It's worth noting that Odysseo works in close collaboration with local universities and NGOs for the implementation of a joint program focused on biodiversity and sustainable conservation of the ocean. Thanks to its vast solar park, waste recycling and the total absence of single-use plastic, the oceanarium demonstrates its commitment to the conservation, regeneration and rehabilitation of the marine ecosystem.

To enjoy all these wonders, make sure to book your tickets in advance on the Odysseo website. The rates for non-residents are as follows: Rs 800 for adults, Rs 540 for children and Rs 680 for seniors.