"Mari": One of Mauritius' favorite Creole word

Published on 2021-09-16 at 14:49 by Liza Bonne
This week, Expat.com explores one of the most commonly used words of the Mauritian creole language. The word "mari".

"Mari top sa!", "Ayo, mo mari desi", "Mari lwin sa!". Mari is used by Mauritius in lieu of "very". It is also an expression that is mari quickly picked up by expats and tourists. Here's a few phrases within which you can use the word "mari":

Mari bon sa : "This is so good" 

This is usually used after you've had an exquisite meal. Or any really good experience.

Ayo, mo mari tris: "Damn, I'm so sad"

Mari lwin sa: "That's so far!"