Top ten cities where it's the easiest to keep fit and zen

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Published last month

So, you're a big city kind of person and you love the fast-paced mornings and the fast-food lunches. You cannot get enough of the busy after-work pub stops with the colleagues or the golden hour over the skyline. But big cities can also be hectic and stressful. So before you decide on your next destination, it's important you consider health, sports and wellness amenities... Take a look at the list at the world’s healthiest cities according to a study by Travel Supermarket.

Buenos Aires

Do you fancy a little bit of Latin American vibes? Bueno Aires might have been made just for you! Considered Argentina's cosmopolitan, the city has been found to be the 10 healthiest of all by Travel Supermarket. For you to be able to ponete las pilas (Argentinian slang for re-energizing), Buenos Aires offers a whole 130 spas and 52 green spaces for quiet evening walks. These include the famous Japanese Garden in Palermo and a rose garden called Rosedal. Despite the infamous Argentinian steaks, Buenos Aires has 213 vegan options restaurants. The city also has 4 gyms and fitness centres and 16 yoga and pilate centres.


Denpasar is the capital city of Bali. Unlike most capital cities though, the city is not all skyscrapers and dirty public transport. And as if the lakes, mountains, beautiful beaches and four parks were not enough, the city also has 118 spas, 14 yoga and pilate centres and 9 gym and fitness centres. Denpasar has 1,123 vegan options restaurants.


The colourful capital city of Portugal, Lisbon ranks 8th on the list of healthiest cities in the world. Besides its vibrant nightlife and rich Mediterranean culture, Lisbon also offers a plethora of gyms and fitness centres, 14 to be precise as well as 57 spas around town. The city also has 10 parks where you can enjoy the 2, 806 hours of sunlight the city receives yearly on average. Lisbon also has 462 vegan options restaurants.

San Francisco

The Golden City of the United States, San Francisco, also happens to be one of the healthiest too. San Francisco, home to the Golden Gate bridge and Alcatraz is a sunny city on the West Coast of the US. The city has 10 gyms and fitness centres and 7 yoga and pilate centres. The 140 health food shops and 507 vegan option restaurants will mean you never have an excuse for not keeping your diet balanced and healthy. San Francisco also has  82 spas and 53 parks.


The capital of Florida, Miami is one of the most famous destinations of the planet. This city never sleeps between being the economic and financial centre of the state of Florida by day and one of the most sought-after party destinations by night. To be able to sustain such a lifestyle, however, you will need a bit of extra help. And the city has all you need. It offers not less than a 100 spas where you can relax, 8 fitness centres to unleash the athlete in you, and 35 parks for the chilled afternoon runs. Miami is also one of the sunniest places on earth being exposed to 3, 154 hours of sunlight a year on average.


To get rid of the daily pancakes and maple syrup, Vancouver, on the west coast of Canada offers a plethora of options. Across the city, 7 fitness centres, 9 yoga centres and 29 parks. The 211 spas across the city also allow it's inhabitants to unwind and the 246 health shops and 364 vegan option restaurants allow for ample healthy choices.


Pattaya, in Thailand, is quickly becoming one of the most renowned places in this part of Asia for its nightlife. But the city also ranks 4th in terms of health amenities. The quality of the spas and fitness centres in Pattaya is competitive. The city has 56 spas, 9 fitness centres and 8 yoga and pilate centres. The food options in Pattaya are not negligible- the city offers 142 vegan options restaurants.


Barcelona is not all fiesta and siesta! Indeed, the capital of Catalonia and one of the most important cultural hub of Spain also has 510 spas, 32 yoga and pilates centre and 17 fitness centres to make sure you can burn the calories from the tapas and re-energize after hectic days at work. If you're more of an outdoors person, Barcelona also has 39 parks and gets 2, 591 hours of sunlight a year on average. Foodwise, the city has 88 health food shops and 1, 368 vegan option restaurants so you never run out of options.

Chiang Mai

Thailand manages to rank two cities in Travel Supermarket's healthiest city list. Chiang Mai is the perfect place to unwind according to Travel Supermarket. The city is home to 273 spas and is particularly famous for its five-star spas and it's skilled spa therapists. Across the city are also spread 11 fitness centres and 20 yoga and pilate centres. Foodwise, there are 307 vegan option restaurants in Chiang Mai.


Not happy with being the city of love and the city of lights, Paris is also the world’s healthiest city according to Travel Supermarket. Across the Paris, a whopping 894 spas are spread. Paris is also home to 14 gym and fitness centres and 18 yoga and pilate centres. To accompany your glass of wine, a plethora of healthy food outlets: 155 health food shops and 1, 305 vegan option restaurants. Paris also has 139 parks suitable for those who prefer outdoor exercise areas. It’s worth noting that the receives a non-negligible 1, 662 hours of sun on average every year.